How to Remove Calluses from Feet at Home Naturally

At times, we do not notice that we are getting it wrong with foot wear until calluses show up. Learn how to remove calluses from feet, the best way to remove them from the bottom of feet, how to remove calluses from feet at home and how to naturally remove calluses from feet.

How to Remove Calluses from Bottom of Feet

If you are wondering how to remove calluses from bottom of feet, there are a number of options. What one picks depends on severity, state of health and personal preference.

How to Remove Calluses on Bottom of Feet
Callus on bottom of foot

For people who are relatively healthy, a feet-soak could be the first option you want to explore. Soak your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes. After this, file the callus with a pumice stone. Do this gently to avoid cutting through the tissue because this could lead to infections and damage. Removing the callus slowly and gently is advantageous in that it avoids a return of a tougher callus resulting from it being cut.

Once the feet have been scrubbed off the dead skin tissues, follow it up with a high quality moisturizer. Where possible, carry out this procedure just before going to bed. This ensures that the moisture soaks in well as you sleep since there are no disruptions. To ensure that these are totally gotten rid of, do this once in a week. Getting regular pedicures can also be a way on how to remove calluses from bottom of feet.

There also are some drugstore remedies available for use in removing calluses from the bottom of feet. These include medicated pads which serve as both preventive and curative products. They contain salicylic acid which helps to get rid of callus as it penetrates deep into it while at the same time bearing some weight which would otherwise be unevenly distributed. Drops and lotions from drugstores can be used to moisturize calluses.

Where the calluses are quite severe, one can have them surgically removed. This is most appropriate where the cause of the calluses is bone deformity. The doctor will re-align the bones to ensure that no undue pressure is unevenly subjected to any part of the feet.

How to Remove Calluses from Feet at Home

Calluses can occur in anyone’s feet. It is therefore important to know how to remove calluses from feet at home. This will enhance treatment before they get worse and also make sure that one gets relief from them without having to spend too much. Some of the home ingredients that one can use to remove calluses from feet at home include:

Lemon juice: When lemon juice is mixed with aspirin, they work perfectly to ensure that the calluses get off. Mix three crushed aspirin tablets with a teaspoonful of lemon juice. Apply this paste directly on the callus and let it rest for a while. This allows the acidity to penetrate the callus tissue. Use a pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin after that.

Baking soda warm water soak: Warm water helps to soften up and loosen the callus dead skin tissue for ease of removal. Baking soda speeds up the process. You can make a baking soda soak by adding three tablespoons of baking soda to water in a basin and soak in your legs. A baking soda paste massage also works as well. Make some by adding one part of water into three parts of baking soda.

Pumice stone: This is another simple and direct way on how to remove calluses from feet at home. Pumice powder can also be used in the same way. This yields best results when used after a feet soak since it softens up the calluses and makes it possible to rub them off.

Chamomile tea: This makes for a perfect soak to help remove calluses from feet at home. Soak your feet in chamomile tea that has been diluted. This will soothe the feet and change the skin’s pH temporarily. This way it becomes easy to get rid of the calluses.

Exfoliation to get rid of calluses - Purederm Botanical
Exfoliation to get rid of calluses – Purederm Botanical

Apple cider vinegar: Soaking the callus with vinegar overnight loosens the dead skin cells. Soak some cotton ball in the vinegar and secure it around the callus. Leave it to stay throughout the night and rub the area with a pumice stone in the morning.

How to Remove Calluses from Feet Naturally

Despite there being many ways on how to remove calluses from feet, the most appropriate way on how to remove calluses from feet naturally consists of three steps. These are:

Soak: This serves as the first step to getting rid of calluses. Soaking them in warm water helps to cleanse the skin and reduce any swelling or pain there may be. The efficiency and impact of water being used can be enhanced by using it warm and adding some natural ingredients into it. This includes things such as Epsom salts, baking soda and chamomile tea. Another way to soak the calluses would be to wet a cotton ball in the water and secure it around the calluses to last overnight.

Exfoliation: Once the feet have had a soak, whether plain or with some other ingredient, the dead skin cells soften up and are easy to get rid of through gentle scrubs. To exfoliate the calluses, one can make use of a pumice stone, emery board or washcloth to get rid of the layer. The calluses should never be trimmed using sharp objects as this could lead to cuts and infections.

For people who have some thin calluses, the exfoliation should be done mildly. For those that are harder and thicker, something more serious will be needed. Use a pumice stone or a piece of sand paper to scrub it off. Do this cautiously to avoid hurting yourself.

Moisturize: Once one is done with exfoliating, a natural moisturizer should be applied. This could be made of coconut oil or shea butter. Cover the calluses up with non-medicated corn pads after this to prevent recurrence.

After one is done removing calluses, they are best off avoiding them. This can be done by recognizing what their causes are and working to avoid them.

Best Way to Remove Calluses from Feet

The best way to remove calluses from feet is by moisturizing and exfoliating the dead skin cells. This can be done with the help of both home products as well as some purchased from the drugstore. This softens up the calluses and ensures that the hardened skin on the feet is no more.

This though may not work for all calluses. Those that are as a result of some structural problems are best removed by undergoing a medical procedure. This will correct the structure and enhance equal distribution of weight.

Of importance in making a decision on how to remove calluses from feet is to ensure that one sustains the removal. This can be done by getting the right shoe size, avoiding heels when one is walking or standing too much and avoiding walking on bare feet.

How to Remove Thick Calluses from Feet

For one to be successful on how to remove thick calluses from feet, a lot of patience and vigilance is required. One may have to make use of the above methods more than one time in a day for a prolonged period. To avoid all this strain it is best to remove calluses before they become too thick.

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