How to successfully market the Health Benefits of CBD

The scientific results currently being gained from the effectiveness of CBD (Cannabidiols) oils and products are promisingly positive, and the industry is expanding exponentially with new CBD products and businesses.

Promoting its effectiveness is still however restricted behind a barrage of rules, laws and red tape. Although promising stories are emerging from how CBD has helped individuals suffering from anxiety and alleviated the pain of those with arthritis or chronic back pain. Arthritis can be hard to treat, and many are turning to topical CBD salves for pain. More research needs to be carried out before the CBD market is fully accepted. With this comes difficulty in promoting how it can actually help people.

Below we have listed tips and advice to consider when discussing health benefits in your CBD advertising.

Be honest
Consumers and potential buyers need all of the information and none of the white lies. You cannot  exaggerate or lie about the potential remedies your consumer should expect from your product. 

Not only could this mislead customers, but it could be off-putting if they believe you are lying. Some companies have tried to claim that their product cures terminal diseases and serious conditions like cancers and Parkinson’s, this unfortunately just isn’t true and it can be dangerous to provide individuals with false hope. It is also completely illegal, the FDA will soon be on your case.

Clear dosing and batch numbers
Ensure the packaging of your product is clear and most importantly cites the exact amount of CBD and any other substances, particularly if there are any trace amounts of THC. Consider adding a batch number, this is a professional and responsible way of maintaining batches and also gives consumers more reassurance that you take your product seriously.

Third Party Approval

Consider getting third party approval for your product. Many consumers will look for some form of re-assurance when purchasing CBD products. A label or comment on your product highlighting the approval of a third party gives another level of validity, this in turn boosts confidence and trust in your product from consumers.

Branding and image
First impressions are an important consideration for your CBD product. The look and feel that your branding conveys will heavily influence a buyers inclination to make a purchase. Your image must be professional and clear, but not too medical or clinical looking.

Use real reviews and testimonials
The honest opinions of past consumers and buyers will be a huge influence in persuading potential customers to trust your product. Consider a section on your website committed solely to promoting real life success stories where consumers have benefited from your product. You must ensure however, that the reviews are honest and true.

Highlight its naturalness
Cannabiniol is a natural plant based substance. Many consumers are now looking to natural alternative sources for pain relief and improvement to their well-being. People often disagree with the amount of money the pharmaceutical industry generates, although many medicines do have a natural origin, many don’t, and some people prefer to use a natural substance compared to synthetic.

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CBD is a great up and coming industry to be a part of, by responsibly marketing CBD and following these guidelines more and more consumers will begin to trust CBD products and will be able to reap the potential benefits it can provide.

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