Hyperpigmentation Treatment – Laser & Natural Treatment for Black Skin

What is the best treatment for hyperpigmentation? Does a hyperpigmentation natural treatment work? What is the best hyperpigmentation treatment for black skin?

Your skin is a great contributor to your overall beauty. If you have skin disorders, you will feel less attractive and when you have radiant skin you will want the whole world to notice it. Unfortunately, when you have hyperpigmentation, you may want to go into hiding or wish the ground would swallow you so that nobody can ever see you. What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation can occur on black skin, fair skin, olive skin etc
Hyperpigmentation can occur on black skin, fair skin, olive skin etc

After that clear definition, you probably think that hiding the spots under layers of makeup is the best thing. However, it is not. In fact, it could make the spots worse especially if you acquired them from acne vulgaris. Although makeup can give you a temporary masquerade, you will need a more permanent solution. This can be found in most of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation. Here you will find the best treatment for all skin types including hyperpigmentation treatment for black skin. Discover what you should use to get back your radiant skin.

Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation – How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

How to treat hyperpigmentation depends on the depth of the spots. While some spots are superficial, others are found deep in the dermis. Therefore, when it comes to using the best treatment for hyperpigmentation, you have to select a product or treatment that can reach each of these effectively.

Superficial spots are best treated with over the counter topical creams. Similarly, if you do not want to spend to risk using harmful ingredients found in some commercial products, you can simply make use of home remedies to remove the hyperpigmentation. Home treatments are natural and easy on your pockets as well.

For the spots that go deeper in the dermis, the best treatment for hyperpigmentation is the use of microdermabrasion or chemical peels administered by dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Additionally, you can get rid of the spots using laser treatment, which is offered in facial plastic surgeons’ offices.

Hyperpigmentation Natural Treatment – at Home

Making use of home remedies is an ideal way on How to get rid of hyperpigmentation naturally. Most people however, do not have the patience to see improvement from the concoctions prepared at home. If you want fast results, I must warn you that hyperpigmentation natural treatment does not work overnight.

You have to use the remedy for several weeks and probably months before you see outstanding results. Furthermore, you must be consistent with your application, which means, applying the concoctions every single day and preferably two times in a day.

It is possible to be tempted to try all the home remedies at once, however, desist since you will not know what works and does not. Furthermore, perform a test patch before using the chose remedy on the affected skin to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the natural ingredients. The best hyperpigmentation natural treatment comes from applying some of the following:

Hyperpigmentation Natural Treatment
Hyperpigmentation Natural Treatment
  • Tomato, oatmeal and yogurt paste for 20 minutes and then rinsing off.
  • Cucumber juice mixed with some lemon juice and honey. Leave the mixture on the affected area for 20 minutes before rinsing off. Ensure to moisturize as lemon has a drying effect on skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar diluted with water, use a cotton swab to apply the solution on the affected areas on your skin
  • Rosehip oil as a moisturizer or mask, among other natural treatments

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Black Skin

Black skin is often affected by hyperpigmentation. This is because already the skin has plenty of melanin production. However, most of it can be removed with topical creams or home remedies, which make use of natural ingredients.

There is no scientific proof on how the remedies work, but those who have used them solely have shared their success stories. You may want a faster solution instead of these concoctions and therefore an OTC or prescription cream can always give incredible results. Just ensure that it has ingredients such as hydroquinone, licorice extract, kojic acid, azelic acid if you have acne prone skin, and tretinoin among other skin bleaching and lightening components.

Before and after pictures of laser hyperpigmentation treatment
Before and after pictures of laser hyperpigmentation treatment

You can find the best hyperpigmentation cream for black skin here. Nevertheless, do not forget to use sunscreen each day even as your spots begin to fade and even after they fade with the help of the cream. Black skin is prone to sun damage as well and exposing it to sunlight without sunscreen when using fade creams can exacerbate the spots. This is because most of the creams have strong lightening agents, which leave the skin thin.

Hyperpigmentation Laser Treatment

It is important to try laser treatment as a last resort to remove the dark spots on skin. This is because, it could leave your worse than you were with the spots if you happen to go to an unqualified surgeon or dermatologist. Nonetheless, when you find yourself a qualified professional and experienced skin specialist, you may have a success story to share with other people with dark spots.

Hyperpigmentation laser treatment can be effective, but the best depends on your skin tone. A kind that is suitable for black skin cannot be used on light skin to remove dark spots and vice versa. You may also require several sessions to get rid of the spots completely. This can be quite an expense and your insurance company may want nothing to do with it.

The best hyperpigmentation laser treatment includes:

Prevention of hyperpigmentation is possible with sunscreen
Prevention of hyperpigmentation is possible with sunscreen
  • Q-switched and KTP for light skin
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for very light skin
  • Fraxel laser for dark skin e.g. Re:store and Thulium among others

Hyperpigmentation Scar Treatment –Remove Discoloration on Scars

Scars leave a permanent mark that will never possibly fade. On top of that, there may be some discolorations on them. This is a case of hyperpigmentation especially if you expose the scar to sunlight. You should keep it away from sunlight and apply sunscreen on it so that it can heal without leaving a stain.

Most scar removal creams can also serve as hyperpigmentation scar treatment. This is because they have lightening ingredients, which make the disfigurement less visible. A good example is the Mederma cream, which is made of natural ingredients such as onion extracts. It can remove any discoloration on scars without causing any allergic reactions.

Acne Hyperpigmentation Treatment on Face

Acne is the main cause of hyperpigmentation on face, back and chest. When it comes to removing hyperpigmentation from face, you have to look for products that will not lead to more breakouts. Therefore, the best acne hyperpigmentation treatment would be one that can get rid of discoloration and keep flare-ups at bay at the same time.

This way, your treatment will be effective there and then; you will not have to go back to using it. Similarly, you should pick on hyperpigmentation on face treatment after the bout of acne is over so that you do not end up chasing after your own tail!

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