Illegal drugs that can make you sleepy

The effects of illegal drugs are often described as euphoric, offering users a rush that makes them feel either calm or ecstatic. While effects vary from one drug to the next, these highs are often short lived. Once the initial rush is over, the user enters a state of drowsiness or insomnia from using up all of their energy. These are the illegal substances that can make you sleepy. 


Psychedelic drugs or hallucinogens are known for distorting the user’s sense of reality. In high doses, they cause the user to see hallucinations due to a scrambling effect in the brain that alters visual and auditory performance. Mood swings are also common, ranging from intense euphoria to deep depression in a flash. 

LSD, or acid, and psilocybin mushrooms are the most commonly known psychedelics. The effects of these two are long lasting, leaving the user exhausted from a heightened sensory state. Once the high is over, users crash. They need extended periods of sleep to replenish themselves as well as plenty of vitamin C. 


Also known as uppers, stimulants increase brain and heart activity. This leads to a reduced appetite, high levels of energy, hyperactivity, and increased excitability. While you would feel extremely awake for a short period of time, the end result is your body crashing unless you take more. 

Cocaine and ecstasy are the most common, offering extreme bursts of energy and boosting self-confidence. Cocaine, along with crack, lead to paranoia and depression after the initial rush wears off. Ecstasy can cause nausea and seizures alongside sleepiness, while methamphetamine can put the user in a coma-like state as they sleep off the high. 

It’s essential to note that some stimulants can boost self-confidence to dangerous levels. Users might engage is risky behavior, bordering the psychotic with methamphetamine, that could lead them to unintentionally harm themselves or others. It takes a dedicated personal injury lawyer to try these crimes. 


Despite the name, depressants are used for their tranquilizing effect. They can alter the users mood to something more calm as well as block pain receptors. Euphoria is also common, with heroin leading the charge in usage amongst this category. 

The rush here is a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, putting the user at ease. The crash, however, combines with the sleepy aftereffects to create dangerous circumstances. Shallow breathing, drowsiness, and weak limbs are common symptoms. 

The Sleeping Danger

The sleepy aftereffect of these drugs can lead to wide variety of dangerous situations, especially when users try to drive. DUI drug defense lawyers routinely work with users who have been pulled over or caused an accident. 

Users can also be picked up for public intoxication. While not every drug mentioned above is noticeable in a public setting, meth and depressants tend to make the user stand out as they can either barely stand up or lash out towards others. The positive effects behind these illegal drugs are highly sought after, but they are short lived and lead to a myriad of negative impacts. 

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