Is CBD a Good Choice for You?

With a variety of CBD products now available in high street shops and through specialist online retails like Dayzed, it’s easy to feel intrigued by them. Are they safe? Are they legal? Can they help you?

Today, we’re here to take a look at this issue, and help you make some informed decisions about whether you should be buying CBD oil, gummies or even teabags. 

Availability, Legality and Safety

You might have noticed that these CBD products are becoming more and more widely available and wondering what’s changed. The main factor that’s made CBD legally, and widely, available in many countries is the publication of a report from the World Health Organisation. This studied cannabidiol (the full name for the CBD compound) specifically, and while it didn’t make any bold claims about its therapeutic value, it did make it clear that it found no evidence for any harm, nor for the potential for the compound to form addictive pathways in the brain.

Without that risk of addiction and abuse, there is little basis to restrict its sale and CBD products are now available over the counter. It’s not available as a clinically prescribed medication in high concentrations except in very specific circumstances – to help treat the effects of some cancers and forms of epilepsy. 

The CBD products you can buy on the high street are lower concentrations than prescribed medication, but they are similar in one key way: to be legally sold or prescribed they have to come from specific strains of cannabis or hemp plants that are low in THC – containing less than .2%. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, and in such low concentrations it cannot cause you to get high.

CBD and You

Cannabidiol is used by people for a lot of different reasons but the primary reasons it is used is to manage physical pain and mental distress.

For those with chronic pain issues, using CBD for pain can prove to be very effective. Surveys have found that when people find the right CBD product for them, they stop using their previous clinical pain medication altogether. CBD oil taken sublingually – dropped under the tongue – can be absorbed into the body quickly, for a fast acting effect, while those looking for a longer, slower release may wish to look into CBD tea. You can also buy CBD infused balms or lotions for topical application to affected areas to ease muscle pain.

There’s also some evidence – if only anecdotal – that CBD is helpful to people who are trying to manage depression, anxiety and low mood. It acts on the endocannabinoid system in a similar way that clinical medication can act on your brain, many people don’t report as many side effects, making it a useful management tool for some people, even if it can’t wholly take the place of established therapies.

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