Itchy Skin Relief – Cream, Bath, Medication for Menopause & Dry Itchy Skin Relief

What is the menopause itchy skin relief? What home remedies, creams or medications give relief for dry itchy skin? Which itchy skin relief bath works?

Life is stressful on daily basis. You have to deal with rude angry customers, standstill traffic, and even rude staff at the restaurants or stores you visit.  It can get worse when you get home and try to get some rest only for you to lack sleep because of itching skin. There are various causes of itchy skin at night. However, you can find relief in your own home without consulting any doctor.

Although, finding relief for itchy skin at home is good news, your type of itchiness may be the kind that requires the attention of your doctor. The kind of itchy skin relief discussed here is for rashes, menopause and winter itchy skin relief. You can find relief from baths, creams and even medication that may not require a prescription. Find out how get dry itchy skin relief shortly.

Dry Itchy Skin Relief Tips

If you want to avoid grating your dry skin to the point of bleeding, then you can make use of the following tips. The dry itchy skin relief may not occur instantly, but within a week, you will start to feel better and probably heal from the whole ordeal.  You have to be prepared to make a change in your lifestyle.

These dry itchy skin relief tips are useful:

  • Ensure that you know the cause of your dry itchy skin and rule out any diseases.
  • Avoid scratching as much as possible and if you must, use your fingertips instead of your nails.
  • Keep your nails as short as possible to avoid grazing your skin at night
  • Clean and moisturize your skin deeply
  • Avoid the sun without sunscreen
  • Go on an elimination diet to ensure you are not allergic to certain food stuffs
  • Change the skin care or hair products you are currently using and see if the itching subsides. If you have been on the same products for years, you need to reconsider discontinuing with their use also.
  • You may want to change your fabric softeners and detergents to mild ones as well
  • Change any soap that encounters your skin to mild ones while avoiding antibacterial soaps; these kinds would make the situation worse.

Home Remedies Itchy Skin Relief

Home remedies for itchy skin relief are a lifesaver when you do not have that money to consult with a doctor. You can try them and see how they react on your skin and whether the itching goes away or continues to bother you during the day and night.

Home remedies itchy skin relief come in form of baths that help you soak the dry skin and relief the itching with the things you add to the water. After soaking, you should dry your skin and moisturize immediately in order to seal the water from the bath.

You can use the following home remedies itchy skin relief in baths or as moisturizers:

In baths

  • cornstarch
  • Baking soda
  • Yellow dock
  • Evaporated milk
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Ground oatmeal

To smear skin

  • Use Herbs such as mint, thyme, or basil
  • Fresh stinging nettle oil
  • Vicks vapor rub
  • Coconut oil
  • Neem oil
  • Calendula essential oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Juniper berries mixed with cloves
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey and cinnamon powder

For more on home remedies for itchy skin, visit that rich resource.

Menopause Itchy Skin Relief

The main cause of menopause itchy skin is the hormonal fluctuations that occur in women between 40 and 60 years. Their itchy type of skin can be described in different ways according to women who have actually gone through it. the first type of itching is the paresthesia, which causes a pin and needles kind of sensation on skin.

Another type of menopause itchy skin is formication. This gives you a crawling feeling on skin even though you cannot identify an insect moving on or inside your skin. Paresthesia and formication are linked with itchy skin. You can find menopause itchy skin relief from the following:

  • Taking supplements of magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, caprylic acid, vitamin B
  • BIO identical hormones
  • Avoiding preservatives in food
  • Cutting sugar in your diet
  • Including lots of garlic or other natural probiotics in your diet
  • Getting plenty of omega 3 fatty acids from fish and flaxseed oils
  • Using alternative medicine since there is no cure for menopausal symptoms
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Using a broad spectrum sunscreen all year round
  • Avoid stress by sleep well
  • Avoiding cigarettes as they exacerbate the itchiness
  • Taking warm showers instead of hot

Itchy Skin Rash Relief

When it comes to having a rash on the locations where you are itching, you have to deal with it differently. It is important that you identify the itchy skin rash causes before you go ahead to find relief for it at home.

You can get itchy skin rash relief from

  • Avoiding scratching it
  • Bathing in ground oatmeal
  • Applying cold compresses on the rash if it is on a localized site
  • Keeping your skin moisturized
  • Leaving the rash exposed to air, do not attempt to cover it with elastoplasts or band aids
  • Avoiding squeezing it
  • Do not scrub it off either while bathing

These are helpful tips on itchy skin rash relief, should the rash continue to itch for more than four weeks, it would be best that you consult a doctor.

Winter Itchy Skin Relief and Medication

In winters, itchy skin can be a nuisance because the air is too cold outside. Similarly, in homes most heaters are on the highest settings possible to warm the entire house. Therefore, without moisture in the air, the skin has no choice, but to become dry and itchy.

The only medication for winter itchy skin relief is a cream moisturizer. You have to keep your skin heavily moisturized to lock in any moisture from the water you bathe in or wash you hands. It is also possible to find relief from wearing gloves and socks after moisturizing to ensure the moisture is locked in completely. No single pill can add moisture to your skin.

Similarly, you ought to invest in a humidifier in order to find winter itchy skin relief for your entire life. The good thing with a humidifier is that it comes in handy even in summer when the temperatures are too high to evaporate any moisture from the air.

Itchy Skin Relief Bath and Cream

Every itchy skin relief bath must be followed with a heavy cream. You can try the baths I suggested above or simply buy the Aveeno Colloidal oatmeal bath if you do not want to grind the oatmeal yourself. The oatmeal exfoliates and soothes your skin. If you do not want to make use of this bath and you prefer showers, you can use mild soaps such as Cetaphil, Dove, and oil of Olay and Aquanil among others.

Of course, you should take such a bath with warm water instead of hot. Hot water only causes more drying of skin and increased itching. The bath should also not be more than 20 minutes. Some people suggest you can take the itchy skin relief bath several times in a day, but that would make your skin dry even more. Additionally, ensure that your bathroom door is closed once you are inside there to concentrate all the moisture on your skin.

After the bath, you should immediately pat your skin dry and smear moisturizer on it. The best cream for itchy skin relief would one, which contains lactic acid, urea, lanolin, corticosteroids, mineral oil, glycerin and petrolatum among others. You can try some of these brands:

  • E45 Itch relief cream
  • Boots Derma Care Hydrocortisone 1%
  • Oatmeal cream
  • Lanacane anesthetic cooling cream among others

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