Keloid Scar Removal Cost, Before and After Laser Surgery Pictures

Can keloid scars be removed? This post explores keloid scar removal. Learn various methods how this is done including keloid scar removal surgery, laser keloid scar removal, keloid scar removal cost and keloid scar removal before and after.

What Is a Keloid Scar?

A keloidal scar is one that is composed of collagen type I or III. The components are determined by its maturity. The scar is attributed to an overgrowth of tissue long after a wound has heeled at the site of a skin injury. They are firm fibrous and shiny.

Keloids are benign and cannot be passed from one person to another. Where it is severe, it can affect a person’s mobility. Highly pigmented persons are at a higher risk of getting these than any other group of persons. They are different from hypertrophic scars which do not go beyond the original wound boundaries.

Keloid scar removal
Keloid scar.

Removal Surgery

Keloid scars can be effectively treated. Keloid scar removal surgery is an efficient way of getting rid of the scars. This will help put an end to the exaggerated scar associated with it.

The people who are most susceptible to keloid scars are dark skinned. People whose wounds heal under pressure or which get infected in the healing process may develop into keloid scars as well.

The same applies to some burns and acne. They are most common in the ages between 10 to 30 years. They are also neither malignant nor contagious.

Removal of keloid scars is mostly for aesthetic purposes. They are no health risk but could become itchy and sensitive to touch. Young adults may have serious esteem issues thus the need for removal.

Big keloids are the ones that get removed through surgical processes. They require a highly qualified surgeon to ensure that the scar does not recur. At times, this is followed up with steroid injections to reduce the chances of scarring. The process is a short one conducted after administration of a local anesthesia.

If conducted with no other treatment, there is a likelihood of recurrence. It is therefore important for the surgical excision to be followed up with other treatments such as steroid injections. These will ensure the keloid has no chance of growing back.


There are three factors that influence keloid scar removal cost. These are:

  • Location of the keloid
  • Type of treatment adopted
  • Size of the keloid scar

This could start from a hundred dollars up to thousands. Some of the costs for various removal types are as discussed below.

Corticosteroid Injections: This can be used alone or together with other treatments. They are injections done directly into the keloid to reduce and flatten it. It costs between $75 and $250.

Injections may be used to get rid of keloids

Surgery: Surgical removal of keloid is reserved for severe cases. This is rarely done alone as other therapies will be necessary to prevent re-growth.

The cost for this kind of treatment depends on the size of the keloid and other supportive therapies. Plastic surgery is the most expensive form. The average starting cost is $500 with the highest being a number of thousand dollars.

Silicone Sheets: This method is non-invasive. It uses strips of silicone put on the keloid to put pressure on it. These reduce the size, itch and ache of a keloid.

The sheets can be purchased from a drug store and cost varies depending on brand, size and the shape of the sheets. They range between $50 and $200.

Cryotherapy: When this method is used, liquid nitrogen is either sprayed or injected into the keloid. This causes the damage of keloid tissue. Whether to spray or inject is the doctor’s choice depending on the size of the scar. The cost of a single session is $100 but this can vary from hospital to hospital.

Pulsed Dye Laser: Mostly, this is used to reduce redness that comes with keloids as opposed to size reduction. This method only targets the scar tissue. The cost for this will vary since a number of sessions may be necessary. A single session may start from $100.

Pressure Earrings: Pressure earrings can be used to minimize formation of more keloids after treatment. These are worn all the time to exert uniform pressure on both of the piercings sides. The price varies with brands with the average cost being $25.

Laser Scar Removal

Laser keloid scar removal is an effective and safe way of getting rid of a keloid scar. It can be used on most parts of the body including face, hands, legs, thighs and the abdomen. During the process, a topical or cold air spray numbing may be done.

Some people transform keloid scars into tattoos
Some people transform keloid scars into tattoos

The process is mostly comfortable but some people experience a tingly effect during the procedure. A few days later, one could experience some mild irritation. The doctor may recommend a few days rest after that or none at all depending how well a patient responds to treatment. One should use a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen after the procedure. During consultation, the dermatologist will decide what is best for you and how many sessions are necessary.

Keloid Scar Removal Before and after

Effective keloid treatment takes some experienced hands. This is the only way that keloid scar removal before and after appearances will have a difference. Use of wrong methods may cause a recurrence of the keloid.

People who have had keloids before are likely to suffer others long after initial ones have been treated. To reduce this, it is important to discuss it over with your doctor so as to have it removed in the early formation.

After removal, it is important to undertake any aftercare instructions given. This will reduce chances of infection and also ensure that the scar heals very well.

Best scar creams

Another option through which one can get rid of keloids is by using creams. These are applied topically and get rid of scars after some type. They are available at drugstores.

How to remove at home

There are many home natural scar removal remedies that one can undertake. Onion extracts and lemon juice are some of the ways on how to remove a keloid scar at home. These take some time but patience will yield great results.

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