How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Cheeks – Treatment to Shrink Pores

Why do I have large pore on my cheeks? Can I get rid of large pore on both my cheeks? Learn how to get rid of large pores on cheeks and why you have them in the first place in this article.

Large pores on cheeks are most noticeable and occur due to too much oil application and production by the sebaceous glands on the face .Failing to wash the face when going to bed at night unfortunately clogs the pores on cheeks especially if you were wearing makeup during the day. Big pores on your cheeks cause discomfort to people who have them because they cannot interact freely without being conscious of how they look.

How to get rid of large pores on the face, nose, cheeks and chin
It is possible to shrink and improve the appearance of facial pores if they are big.

We inherit the kind of pores we have from our parents. Since therefore, they are genetic, we have very little control on their size. We can only make them appear smaller but not necessarily reduce their size or make them disappear. It is also possible to make them not to appear enlarged by ensuring that they are clean at all times.

Clogged pores are an eye sore to yourself in the mirror and to those your friends or colleagues at work. Getting rid of big pores on your cheeks is the big question that this article will seek to address in detail. Lets get started, shall we?

Large Pores on Cheeks

If your question is, why are big pores on my cheeks? You have the answer above and I will repeat it here. It is purely genetic. While I have big pores on my cheeks myself, I never let them bother me because I have learned to make them smaller with homemade solutions.

Your huge pores on cheeks can be made smaller with the use of ice cubes if you cannot stand them. Whereby ice cubes are wrapped in a cotton cloth then rubbed gently on the big pores. Ice constricts pores only temporarily and for a short time too. Therefore, makeup primer should follow if you want to wear makeup on your face.

The use of honey is another way to shrink large cheek pores by mixing two tablespoons of honey with lemon juice. This sticky mixture should be applied and massaged on face for a few seconds before leaving it there to dry for another 15 minutes. You can get rid of huge pores on cheeks by rinsing off the honey mixed with lemon juice with warm water.

Tomato juice also can be used to treat large pores on cheeks .I have a habit of applying tomato juice on big pores on my cheeks and leaving it there for 20 before rinsing off with water. I use this DIY home remedy to make pores smaller three days in a week. This gives me a squeaky-clean feeling on face and the pores appear to have reduced in size significantly.  

Cucumber juice can be used as a mask or drink to remove toxins in the body. Cucumber juice when mixed with a little salt then applied to the face it also reduces the size of big pores on cheeks.

A facial mask made of egg whites and lemon will clear and shrink face pores
A facial mask made of egg whites and lemon will clear and shrink face pores.

Mix 5 tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of milk powder. Apply daily on the face while given a little massage with circular movements. After finishing, rinse thoroughly. Repeat this procedure with this mixture regularly. I apply this mixture twice in a week and as time goes by I can see that the big pores on my cheeks are becoming smaller.

How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Cheeks

  • Use awash clothes to apply a mild a stringent such as cider vinegar.
  • Rinse your face with cold water when you wash your face to close the pores.
  • Use moisturizers before your skin dries, by doing this your skin appears brighter because humidity is trapped it and the large pores on cheeks get smaller.

Large Pores on Cheeks Treatment

Treatments for big pores range from microdermabrasion, which brings an effective treatment for large pores. It also makes your cheeks pores appear smaller and your skin healthier.

Another good treatment is the Fotofacial also is treatment used to treat large pores on cheeks since it uses intense pulsating light, called IPL, to remove large pores.

Large pores on cheeks can also be treated using chemical peels, which remove the epidermis. This leaves the dermis exposed and leaves the skin painfully raw. The skin takes a whole week to heal from this procedure. Chemical peels are of two types, light and deep peels. Light peels are less costly, but require more treatments. Deep peels are the most expensive, the most effective and the most invasive.

How to Shrink Large Pores on Cheeks

These are the best methods on how to shrink large pores the cheeks. You can do this at home with readily available groceries. Use egg whites mixed with lemon juice

Face cleansing masks
Face cleansing masks
  • Use yogurt, which contains lactic acid that dissolves impurities in pores and tighten them. When washing your face, avoid washing as it may dry and these will result into more oil to be produced with pores to compensate.
  • Apply baking soda paste
  • Clean face with pore refining cleansers

How to Treat Huge Pores on Cheeks

Your cheeks need proper care especially if they have large pores. Therefore, this is what to do or not do to treat huge pore on cheeks

  • Always wear sunscreen that is oil free
  •  Do not wear heavy makeup on your cheeks
  • Exfoliate three times a week on the cheeks using a face wash with fine particles or a scrub

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