Laser Hair Removal Side Effects, Risks & Complications – Bumps, Cancer

Laser hair removal is normally effective but requires an expert to achieve good results. There are inevitable laser hair side effects but some could develop into laser hair removal complications. Find out what could cause this. Also get to know the laser hair removal risks and how to prevent them.

Laser Hair Removal Risks

While laser hair removal may be an effective method, it does not come in a silver platter. It has its ups and downs, the extent of which is determined by how well experienced the person handling the laser hair removal machine is. During consultations, it is important to ask your dermatologist what laser hair removal risks their type of treatment could cause. Some of the commonly known ones are discussed below.

Since the process produces a lot of heat, skin irritation and burns may occur. The patient could experience temporary redness, swelling and general discomfort. Most of these are mild but in some cases they could be severe. In extreme cases, blistering and scarring could result.

Patients also risk skin changes which could be in the form of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation occurs when laser treatment causes a stimulation of melanin production while hypopigmentation is as a result of an inhibition of melanin production as a result of laser light absorption by the skin.

Where one decides to have hair removal done close to the eyes, there is a risk of eye damage. Practitioners also risk eye injury. This risk can be minimized by wearing eye protection especially when dealing with the face. Laser hair removal is also not recommended for the eyelids. In cases where one fails to take good care of the treated area, there are risks of infection. Proper care of the area is therefore important.

Apart from the above, initial research shows that laser hair removal risks are not only skin related. The process is said to release mutagenic substances in the air which poses health risks. The greatest risk to the exposure of these substances is the practitioners who are frequently exposed to the plumes. Asthmatic practitioners also tend to get attacks when they conduct the process.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Once the laser hair removal has been carried out, one is likely to experience some side effects. The severity of the laser hair removal side effects will vary depending on a person’s skin sensitivity, the expertise of the technician and ones rate of healing.

Immediately the procedure is carried out, the skin will feel as if it has been sunburned. It will also have a sunburnt look. Moisturizing the area and using cold compresses can help ease this. One can wear makeup 24 hours after the treatment but only if the area is not blistered. To prevent changes in skin color, ensure you avoid sunlight and wear sunscreen always.

Other temporary side effects include formation of scabs, itchiness, bruising and swelling. For people whose area of treatment had tattoos, they could darken. These side effects normally take a few days before they disappear.

There also are possible long term laser hair removal side effects. These include skin discoloration where the skin may lighten or darken. This mostly occurs in patients with dark skin and whose contrast between hair color and skin tone is minimal.

Burns and scarring are another set of long term side effects. This mostly results when the personnel conducting the treatment lack the knowhow. When the laser setting is higher than it should be, a lot of heat is generated resulting in burns. This is most common in people who are dark skinned. In some rare cases, the cause could be an accidental over treatment. The extent of burning could either be severe or mild.

To minimize the risks and avert the side effects, it is always important to have a skin patch test done. This will allow the practitioner to observe potential side effects. For people with a history of keloid scarring, mention this to the doctor. Avoid direct exposure to the sun before and after the treatment

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Cancer

In most instances, cancer is caused by ionizing radiation affecting the body cells. This breaks down the DNA strings causing cancer. Systems for laser hair removal use non-ionizing radiation. This means that it does not affect the DNA strings.

This being the case, there is no laser hair removal side effects cancer. There is also no documented cancer cases associated with laser hair removal. Studies on the same are ongoing.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Bumps

Laser hair removal side effects bumps are also known as perifollicular edema. These tend to be red and are normal. They could at times be itchy and last up to 24 hours. They are an indication that the laser worked.

To calm the red bumps down, one could apply cold compresses on the area throughout the day. A cortisone cream could also help in soothing the area. To ensure that no infections are experienced, keep the area clean.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Risks

Although the underarms are more sensitive than other body parts, laser hair removal is safe and also effective on them. It can be used for removal of hair just as in any other part. The process though comes with a few underarm laser hair removal risks. These include redness, skin discoloration as well as scarring. These though can be avoided if one seeks the right person to carry out the procedure.

Causes of Laser Hair Removal Complications

Advancement in technology has significantly reduced the occurrence of laser hair removal complications. However, there still are complications experienced each day.  The causes for these can be prevented if we knew them. They include:

  • The use of wrong laser on a given skin type
  • Inconsistent and inadequate cooling during the process
  • Use of the wrong laser settings

These instances occur when one has laser treatment done in other settings other than in a medical facility or physician operated office since most of these are normally run by untrained staff who end up making mistakes that lead to complications. To avoid this, ensure you have the process done in a trusted laser facility.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. The side effects of laser hair removal can be devastating in some instances. This is the more reason why one should be careful when having the laser done. Laser hair removal side effects pictures prove how wrong things could go. These are available online. Choose your facility right to avoid regretting.

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