Live Longer and Find a Healthier Lifestyle With CBD

A critically acclaimed long-time Gerontologist and author Dr. Jim Collins, PhD, actively demonstrated in his latest book, Living Longer and Stronger with CBD, that CBD can be a useful supplement for a variety of different health issues ranging from physical disorders to emotional and mental stresses.

In order to gather his best resources and enlighten himself on the subject of CBD, Dr. Collins reviewed and read over 500 academic and medical articles involving CBD. He examined the benefits and side-effects of this controversial substitute through his studies and wrote in his book what he had found.

Dr. Collins demonstrates the effectiveness that CBD has in a couple different medical areas. These include depression, stress, and other mental and emotional issues. He also found that CBD actively fights against a variety of physical ailments that naturally develop in the body such as arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and epilepsy, skin conditions, headaches, sleeping difficulties, anxiety and depression and addictions of various sorts, ranging from alcohol to nicotine.

In relation to that of seniors or older adults, Dr. Jim Collins also found that CBD played a role in deterring early onset of Alzheaimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, ALS and MS.

Dr. Collins went on to explain that CBD can be natural and organically grown. He pointed out the CBD oils are THC-free which means that they don’t have the intoxicating substance that smoking marijuana or recreational use of Cannabis would bring. CBD is explained to have all of the natural benefits of marijuana without any of the harmful side effects of the substance.

He also went on to show that he is not the first medical professional to research CBD and find that it can be incredibly helpful. He notes that the information regarding CBD is only continually growing and leading to a future where it will be easy for an online reader to readily find various articles and notes from professors and doctors around the world that have conducted their own studies and research into CBD oils.

Regarding Dr. Collins himself, he is a respected author of books and a variety of peer-reviewed articles relating to healthcare regarding mainly that of older adults and seniors. He continually strives to help his fellow colleagues in finding a cure or remedy for ailments that seem to be polluting the life quality of senior citizens. Through his various studies he’s found that there are many of these remedies that have been found in CBD oil. Although it doesn’t provide a firm fix or cure for these natural dysfunctions, he has found that the usage of CBD oils have demonstrated an ability to either lessen the effect or retard the onset of them.

His findings as well as many others not discussed here can be found in his book, “Living Longer and Stronger with CBD.” If you have heard about this controversial substance but have not been able to find an educated approach to it, Dr. Collins’ book would be a good place to start.

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