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Living in the Now

There are very few times in life when you get the chance to stop and have a really good look around. To sit down and see what you have achieved, to see how all that hard work has paid off and most importantly to see what has really made you happy. With the world slowing down to deal with bigger issues, we have that chance now. So what should we focus on.

The Past

We should not dwell on our past mistakes, but we should celebrate our past successes. What did we do to get that job which we have been enjoying for the last ten years. How did those decisions push us towards success, are there any traits which we used to have which would benefit us right now? We might mature as people and we might grow into better people, but we can always look back at our younger selves take lessons. There will be times where we had some great achievements but didn’t have the time nor the energy to celebrate them. We would have been caught up in the moment or just turning our attention to the next battle. Now we have the time to look back with joy and to really know the impact those little wins had on our lives.

The Present

Nothing should ever take over from our day to day lives. We have to spend eight hours a day sat in that office and we have to endure through Karen and her annoying laugh. What we don’t have to do is to look negatively at it. We need to look at our daily lives and finds the positives. What is it about the office that makes you want to stay. Who are the people you go to every day just to say hello and get some positive vibes form? These are the people who make your every day better. What is it that you do during the day which you really enjoy and makes you smile? How can you make the most of these times? Now that we have this time to reflect, this time away form the office, it is really time to figure out what makes our day’s better.

The Future

Whilst both our past and our present are nearly fixed and can change very little, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Where do you want to be in five years’ time? Is that corner office calling out to you or would you like to be sat in the middle of your own office surrounded by people you employ? Do you spend your days searching knowing that you would love to move down to Somerset and retire.

Is the easy life really calling out to you? We are not living through normal times, and we should really be making the most of it. We have the chance to spend time doing all those things we really could not find the time to do before. There’s no room left for excuses. You need to live in the now.

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