MAC RUSSIAN RED LIPSTICK REVIEW – For All Skin Tones (Fair Skin, Dark Skin, Tan Skin Tone)

Talk of MAC Red Lipstick Reviews and you will find that this particular lipstick is just the perfect red for almost all skin tones. Whether you are of fair skin, light skin tone or fair skin tone, etc. Just about any woman can wear MAC Russian Red Lipstick.

MAC Lipsticks: Russian Red and Ruby Woo Reviews

So, which of these two should you go for? These two lipsticks are the closest you can find in terms of red lipsticks. Scent and packaging are all similar, but the shade of red differs slightly. That makes many of us wondering: Ruby Woo or Russian Red? A comparison of the two would help differentiate the two and help choose:

  • MAC Lipstick Ruby Woo is more cool toned and slightly brighter while Russian Red is much deeper and richer, with a neutral undertone.
  • For a more creamy finish with just a slight sheen, go for Russian Red Lipstick, but for a retro-matte finish that has a dryer matte finish, go for Ruby Woo.

Price Review of MAC Lipsticks Ruby Woo and Russian Red

The price depends with where you are buying from. Looking for the best deal on Russian Red?

Russian (left) vs Ruby Woo (right)

If you are looking for Ruby Woo, you can also get it at the best deal while saving on shipping. The highest price I found while shopping around was $23, but still you can save at least $9 on this Ruby Woo and get it for less. Here is the deal: MAC RUBY WOO for JUST $14

Testimonials and Reviews from Customers

Though the comparison above tells it all, you will note that most customer reviews from around the web are 5 star ratings. We looked all around the we collecting some of these reviews. Below are just a few reviews from customers that we thought will be helpful in discerning just what you need to choose between Ruby Woo and Russian Red.

“Love it. A deep intense color…but you have to be able to put up with dry lips. The lipstick has a ton of pigment, but little moisture. But it’s worth it if you want a great matte color.” – By Charlotte Twine “Closetgothgirl” (NYC) []

Lovely! Great deep red color, I love it! Stays on all night. I would definitely recommend. You can’t go wrong with Mac.” By Rainn_drop []

“Beautiful red color. I like it more than ruby woo on my skin (mac nc42). But since its matte, it can settle in your fine lines so be sure to scrub before and apply chapstick.” []

Everything I could want in a matte red lipstick – beautiful colour, ease of application, not too drying, makes teeth appear whiter, reasonable wear time.” []

MAC RUSSIAN RED LIPSTICK REVIEW – For All Skin Tones (Fair Skin, Dark Skin, Tan Skin Tone)
Texture Comparison

As you can see, from Amazon testimonials, most customers review and prefer the MAC matte lipstick Russian red to Ruby Woo. However, the two are equally popular according to just how much searches the two products get.

Other Reviews on the Web

We stumbled upon another Russian red mac lipstick review at AllTwinsBrightAndBeautiful: “THE universal red, suitable for ALL skin tones!” The reviewer referred to this lipstick from MAC as good for dark skin tones, black women, fair skin tone, light skin tone, olive skin tone, golden skin tone and whatsoever undertones you may have.

If you are a fan of nude the best nude lipsticks, this is the kind of lipstick you should go for. It works as a good matte, and it is highly rated as one of those long wear lipsticks from MAC. Almost unbeatable in the lineup of long-wearing lipsticks as seen from many reviews.

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