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Marijuana Prohibition: A Thing of the Past?

Although marijuana is a highly contested topic, its slow and steady trend toward cannabis legalization is quite significant. With 59% supporting full legalization, and another 30% supporting medical use only, it is inevitable that the legislation matches the population’s sentiment. While 37 states approve medical marijuana, 11 of them only allow CBD oils and small amounts of THC. Additionally, CBD is legal on a federal level but is only conditionally legal in 66% of the states.

Overall, the legislation for marijuana visibly lags behind the population’s sentiment. Experts have commented that legalization is not going to be a swift process, but a trend that gradually continues.  However, the recovery efforts are advancing rapidly at all levels. On the state level, approval periods between medical and recreational marijuana are decreasing when compared historically. Also, the federal government has made significant moves with an executive pardon for simple marijuana possession and 50 bills introduced in 2022.

With 7 states forecasted to legalize recreational marijuana by 2030, it is easy to see the prohibition of marijuana becoming a staple of the past. With legislation that was prominently on the West Coast, the rest of the nation is soon to follow in the full legalization of marijuana.

Cannabis Legislation by State

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