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Proper patient care documentation is a difficult job. There is so much information that needs to be recorded, and it is impossible to know which of it is going to be critical. All of it is equally important, and nothing can be missed. That’s why has designed some of the most impressive patient care documentation software out there. Here is why their software is better than the other ones on the market:

Data input:

Data input is highly important. All data is valuable and nothing can be missed, that’s why the data input on Zolldata’s software is as efficient as possible. It is intuitively easy to fill out comprehensive patient information. There is also an inbuilt quick-fill feature for auto-filling repetitive information that won’t often change. For example, do you want to be filling out the patient’s address several times a day? No, it is a huge time sink. That’s why this software will quick-fill where necessary.

Data representation:

Clarity of the data you have inputted when reading is equally important. What is the point of recording it all if it is hard to read? That’s why all the patient data presented is clear to understand, and can be scaled to fit the device that software runs on. For example, on a bigger tablet, the body model used when filling out patient surveys will be far easier and more interactive.

Cloud-based data transfer:

Once data has been inputted, it is typically either on paper or entered into only one device. This has for some reason become the norm. What Zolldata have done is made their software cloud friendly. All patient information is accessible from any device connected to the cloud server. This means for example that information entered in the emergency room can be read by the doctor taking an X-ray. It saves countless man-hours copying information and transporting patient charts from one end of the hospital to the other.


As you can see, Zolldata’s patient care documentation software is far superior to anything else out there on the market. That’s why they are so confident you will be impressed with all they have to offer.

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