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Mint Global Marketing Weighs In On What You’re Doing Wrong With Your Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Stategies

It takes a lot of skill and experience to create successful marketing strategies. It also takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This is even more true, especially with how widespread the internet and social media are today.

This is why we turn to experts like Mint Global Marketing, who have been developing cutting-edge strategies for decades in the marketing business. I asked Mint Global Marketing for some of the most prominent mistakes they’ve seen businesses and brands make, and here’s what they said. 

Targeting too many People

Mint Global Marketing has said many times that one of the major mistakes they see businesses making is that they do not pick out a target customer base. Either they do not have a target audience or the wrong target audience. 

Marketing to everyone just doesn’t work anymore, which is why target audiences exist. However, choosing your target audience based on numbers, not on gut feelings, is essential. 

There are many analytical tools out there that will help you figure out who is coming to your website and where they’re coming from. These tools will also tell you which portion of this audience is converting to customers. 

Not Investing in your Copyright and CTA

Copyright and Calls to action are some of the most important things your website can have. However, it’s important that you invest the time and energy into creating good copyright and CTAs. Your CTA needs to be focused and easy to understand. 

Mint Global Marketing says your customer should know exactly what to do on each page. You can even run AB testing to try multiple CTAs and figure out which one works better. 

Sending Potential Customers to an Outdated Site

CTA and Copyright are important, but Mint Global Marketing insists that none of that will matter if your website is outdated. If it isn’t functional, slow, or doesn’t work easily on mobile phones, then your customers will just hit your landing page and leave to find someone else. 

There are many tools available nowadays that help create beautiful, functional websites, and it has never been cheaper to create a great site that will bring potential customers in and convert them to whatever you want them to be. 

Over Advertising on Social Media

Audiences do not follow businesses and brands on social media just to see what they’re selling that week. This is another very prominent mistake that Mint Global Marketing always sees. 

People follow brands on social media when those brands offer something else. Whether it’s news, commentary on current events, or something else, your social media accounts need to show something other than just what you’re selling. 

Isolating your Business from the Community

Mint Global Marketing insists that for your marketing strategy to be as successful as possible, you need to get involved in the community. You can reply to and start conversations with influencers in the community, or even start collaborative projects. 

Have some kind of community outreach in your strategy that will help legitimize your brand in the eyes of your audience. Many businesses will simply create their social media accounts and make their own posts while never interacting with their audience or prominent community members. 

This alienates the audience and makes it seem like those businesses are outsiders trying to make money. 

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