Most Popular Feminine Hygiene Products

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Women around the world all have one thing in common—and that is their period.

This is a topic that, while common, many are still uncomfortable to talk about. But talking about your period is not something you should ashamed of. In fact, it is important to talk about as you need to know what feminine hygiene products you should stalk up on.

Thankfully, the reputation and perception of periods are changing, and feminine hygiene products are becoming more mainstream, and something people are not ashamed to discuss any longer—including brands themselves!

Before we go into the hygiene products that you really need, let’s first talk about that intimate part of the female anatomy. It is extremely important to practice good hygiene with the vagina because there is so much going on down there and really high risk of it becoming infected.

To keep your hygiene in check, it is important to practice good daily habits in general—which includes staying hydrated, eating foods with probiotics, and not consuming natural ingredients. Doing healthy daily habits plus utilizing feminine hygiene products will result in your body functioning better, feeling better, become and smelling a whole lot better too! Because similar to your armpit, when the pores around your vagina skin become congested, a whole lot of pad things can happen that no girl wants to experience!

Here are the most popular feminine hygiene products that you should consider stalking up on.

1. Cotton tampons

When we insert anything into our body, we want it to be as natural as possible. Organic cotton tampons quickly become our best friends during our periods and give us a sense of ease as they are safe to use, no matter how sensitive your body is. And to make the period process a little more comfortable, many cotton tampons come with plastic applicators that make inserting the tampon easier and less messy. These tampons are also chemical free, so your body is simply getting a little extra assistance with the absorption of your period.

2. Cotton pads

Not all periods are created equal. Some women only need a pad to help absorb their period blood. Pads offer a nice sense of comfort as you don’t have to insert anything into your body, but rather just line your underwear with a cotton pad that is still breathable and equally absorbent. Cotton pads are made for different purposes and different period levels. Some are made to use just during the day, while others are made to use during the night and absorb more levels of blood.

3. Menstrual cups

Some women have really strong periods. So much so that tampons and pads do not offer enough absorption to keep their underwear from becoming a bloody mess. This is where the cup comes in. It acts as a collector for any excess blood the tampons could not absorb without having it seep onto your clothing. It is a bit more invasive into your private area, but effective if your flow is on the super heavy side.

4. Period panties  

These new menstruation underwear have become all the rage lately and for a very good reason! Rather than your underwear becoming stained during your period, it absorbs the blood and can easily be washed later on! This is an amazing new hygiene product that is making the lives of women on their periods more bearable and less embarrassing. For those that don’t get enough help from tampons or pads, this kind of underwear is worth investing in.

5. Vagina wipes

This may sound silly to say, but we can’t avoid the fact that things can get really smelly down there during menstruation. That,  plus the extra moisture that tends to hang out down there, puts your body at risk to infection and bacteria. This is why vagina wipes are actually really important! They are a chemical-free hygiene products that clear out any build-up down there and prevents any risk of developing an infection that could become really painful and uncomfortable.

6. Pain relief pills

When you are in your period, you are going to feel really bloated sometimes even have cramps and stomach pain. Luckily, there are pain relief pills that you can easily get over-the-counter to help alleviate your discomfort. This is an important hygiene product because if you are able to counter the discomfort of your period, you will be able to have more energy to ensure your private area stays clean.

Feminine hygiene is something that is important for all females to discuss. With a range of feminine products like tampons, cups, pads, period panties, and pills, you will have a great period kit to help you cope with your monthly menstruation.

Staying clean and looking after your body is important—no matter what part of the body you are referring to. With feminine hygiene products, you can help live a better and more comfortable life. 

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