Overcoming Stress & Anxiety From Speaking In Public

Learning how to overcome fear of public speaking is not always easy to do. For some people, the thought of getting in front of a live audience is a dreadful thing that can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. You may have found those same feelings displayed in yourself if you ever had to speak publicly to an audience. For anyone that wants to develop their public speaking skills, it is necessary to follow certain steps that will lead to success. 

Understand Your Fear

According to the public speaking website MotivationalSpeakerz.com, knowing why fear inhibits the ability to speak in front of an audience is half the battle. Our brain is a very powerful mechanism that reacts to certain situations in a defensive manner. In effect, our brain learns to fear certain stimulants that we deem worthy of our fear. Our brain then triggers our flight or fight response in a way to protect us from harm. 

We must learn to unlearn certain fears that are actually harmless to us. During a certain period in our lives, we taught ourselves that speaking to a large audience is something worth fearing. All people develop this problem, but some individuals find it harder to overcome than others.

Public Speaking Techniques

If you are serious about overcoming your fears, then there are going to be many techniques you will need to learn if you want to overcome them. For example, things such as learning how to breathe correctly, building more confidence by practicing, and priming techniques as outlined by Tony Robbins are all great ways you can effectively begin your process of handling this issue. Once you learn to apply them, it will always be easy and natural for your mind to revert to them every time you speak.

Remember It Is All In Your Mind

When giving a speech we are often concerned about losing our thought process, or messing up the speech all together. Some people may even feel that their audience will think they are boring. They may even feel as if people think they are inadequate when it comes to giving speeches. All kinds of thoughts may enter your mind that can cause you to stumble. Positive self-talk is one technique that is talked about on websites such as MotivationPing.com

Positive self-talk and using affirmations is a way to remove negative thoughts through telling yourself positive things. Thinking about personal accomplishments that make you feel good is one way to believe in yourself.

Know Your Materials

Knowing that you have the capacity to give a great speech on a subject that you are knowledgeable on will give you the boost that your mind needs. Telling your self that you have a message worth hearing, and that the audience behind is you, will help your endeavor. It is easy to see how negative thoughts before a speech can destroy your confidence. 

Positive Thinking

The same theory applies to positive thinking. Think about how positive thinking can increase your ability to give a speech without fear. Pay attention to what you tell yourself before you have to speak publicly. If it is negative, immediately tune it out, and replace it with positive self-talk. Read a positive thinking self help book by a behavioral specialist before your speech to learn additional tools to apply. Keep a note of positive accomplishments you achieved in your life that makes you feel good. There are many ways to think positive to overcome the fear of public speaking.

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