Publishing Trends To Look for in 2020

The number of books available on the market increased in record numbers during the past decade, but with those changes can some growing pains for new authors, established writers, and publishers alike. While authors were learning about eBooks and self-distribution, the publishing companies were trying to understand how to utilize and integrate the current market changes into their business plans. The result has been a fusion of books from authors and companies on an endless number of topics. Understanding some of the changes can help you prepare for the publishing trends to look for in 2020.

Platform Authors

As more authors decide to self-publish with the help of internet platforms, an increase of minor trilogy book strings has been born. Offering the first book for free or at a minimal cost, the following books are presented at regular price. The theory is that if you can get the book in front of a group of people, and make sure the readers become invested in the story, the consumers will want to purchase the remaining books to find out what happened to the characters. Authors may use social media platforms to get their names into the market and establish a brand for themselves with the help of media groups.

Collaboration Teams

Freelance groups, hybrid publishing, or collaborative teams are allowing authors to produce and market their own books by cutting out the middleman that was vast publishing corporations. With the help of editors, distribution professionals, and designers, the independent authors can get their books out into a saturated market. These professionals can help draw attention to the books by producing copies that move into the public only with the help of a professional team of qualified individuals that can hone the manuscript into a great book.

Legal Help

With the change in publishing from large companies that have in-house counsel to small independent authors, legal headaches have begun to encroach into the business world. Copyright infringement and legal permissions have always been a problem for authors, but as they publish books without the help of a team that includes legal professionals, liability, and other potential problems can become a real concern – especially if the book becomes a runaway success. Legal help can also provide authors with necessary information about tax services, publisher’s insurance, and accuracy problems.

Topic Publishers

Large publishing companies such as Bentham Science, have been able to focus on technical, medical, and scientific publishing using subscription-based journals for academics. Although some of the larger companies have been able to add eBooks and literature to their catalogs, most still integrate papers from scholastic individuals to provide information in journal forms to universities around the world. Topics of these journals can include pharmaceuticals, engineering, social sciences, biotechnology, and AI production. Although some criticism has been leveraged that Bentham Science predatory publishing practices are hurting the industry, many counter that unknown authors can use the platform for the submission of scholarly papers that would otherwise be ignored. The trend toward large companies will hold for the coming year.

Trending Issues

The world of technology is constantly changing, and with those changes come pressure from established authors and consumers onto the well-known publishing structure. In order to stay prominent, the business must meet the needs of the customers and writers they serve. Whether it is audiobooks, sci-fi, mysteries, or crime fiction, the desire of the consumer has drastically changed the way those books are purchased, read, and discarded. That means those same desires have changed and will continue to change the way publishing brands grow and advance as they trend into the coming decade.

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