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Risks of Excessive Alcohol Drinking

Most of us enjoy an alcoholic drink from time to time. The first alcoholic beverage in the world dates back to 7000 BC, so drinking is something that has carried on throughout human civilization. However, this doesn’t mean that drinking alcohol is safe. Excessive alcohol drinking has never been good for anyone and has numerous risks. It is responsible for more than 140,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone and on average heavy drinkers shorten their lives by 26 years according to government statistics

According to dietary guidelines, adults should limit their daily alcohol intake to 2 drinks or less for men and only 1 drink a day for women in order to stay safe. And no, you cannot bank these drinks in order to drink more at the weekend!

Binge drinking is classified as drinking more than 4 – 5 drinks on one occasion (4 for women and 5 for men). Heavy drinking is classified as consuming 8 or more alcoholic drinks per week for women and over 15 alcoholic drinks per week for men. 

It is important to point out here, that the US limits on alcohol are far lower than set in many other countries. However excessive alcohol drinking does cause numerous risks whatever the limits set by individual countries. 

Short term, excessive alcohol consumption comes with many risks. It is a major contributor to motor vehicle crashes and other accidents such as falls, burns and drowning.  It is a major factor in violence such as domestic violence and homicides. It increases the risk of dangerous sexual behaviours, unwanted pregnancies and is undoubtedly a factor in sexual assaults. 

Long term, excessive alcohol consumption is a major factor in chronic illness and diseases such as cancer including breast cancer and colon cancer.  It can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and increase the risk of stroke. There are numerous health conditions that are caused and made worse by alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol can cause a wide range of mental health issues and social problems including job and family problems. The effects of excessive alcohol consumption affect the problem drinker, but it will also have a negative impact on family members, friends, and children. 

Reducing your alcohol consumption to safe limits or giving up entirely is a great way to improve your life and your long term health. Giving up the booze should not be a problem for a moderate drinker, but if you are filled with panic at the thought of going without alcohol, it may suggest that you have a problem. 

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