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Best Cream for Dark Spots Fading, Bleaching and Lightening

Best cream for dark spots can be useful in getting rod if black discoloration spots on the face, hands, legs, back, neck and chest. There are many top rated products for fading dark marks and removing the black dots from skin. In this article, we list the best anti-aging cosmetic products for bleaching, fading and lightening acne spots on the skin. 

  • What is the best cream for dark spots?
  • What is the best cream for fading dark spots on face?
  • What is the best bleaching cream for dark spots?
  • What product is best for lightening dark marks on neck, face and hands?
  • Which is the recommended best cream for age spots?
    Clinique best dark spots cream
    Clinique best dark spots lightening cream

Dark spots removal depends on the causes. However, when it is clear that the discoloration of brown spots on the skin is caused by sun damage, tanning or acne blackheads, it is possible to use an effective topical cream to remove, clear or fade the spots. But what is the best cream for dark spots removal? Below, we will list only highly-rated creams and serums that work to fade and bleach dark patches and marks on the skin to leave you with a clear skin.

You can choose the best dark spot correctors or skin lightening soaps, but a product specifically formulated with ingredients to remove black spots will be the best. Reviews of dark and brown spots creams can help you in choosing the best age spot remover.

Best Cream for Dark Spots – Top Serums for Fading & Lightening Black Spots

Many products for dark spots removal are available, and reviews can be really confusing. However, some products containing hydroquinone and retin A have been said to be the best when it comes to removing dark spots fast. Some of those listed below are those you can trust to clear pigmented skin cells that cause dark and brown spots of discoloration. Remember that if you have dry scaly dark spots, a cream that moisturizes will be your best choice here because it will help moisten the dry dark spots too.

What is the best cream for dark spots?

Here are the best serums, creams and products for brightening dark spots on skin, hands, neck, face, under eyes and even legs.

  1. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector – Known as the best for removing dark age spots, pregnancy melasma spots and PIH marks on the skin. It is also regarded as the best cream for acne dark spots removal and brightening.
  2. Hydroquinone Cream
  3. Olay Professional Pro-X Discoloration Fighting Concentrate – Olay liver spot bleaching cream is also known as a good cream for preventing dark patches and marks of discoloration from forming on the skin.
  4. Neocutis Perle Skin Brightening Cream
    Top cream for dark spots before and after
    Before and after
  5. Priori Even Tones – a good cream not only for removing dark patches and dots but also for preventing pigmentation on the skin.
  6. Kiehl’s Photo-Age Corrector High-Potency Spot Treatment – According to many reviews, this is one of the preferred skin lightening cream for dark spots, especially age spots and sun spots. Using it will leave you looking younger.
  7.  SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator
  8. Etat Pur Arbutin Pure Active A72
  9. Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
  10. Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector by Philosophy
  11. Clarins Vital Light Serum

Other highly reviewed products for clearing dark spots include Eau Thermale Avène D-Pigment Rich Dark Spot Lightener, L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Serum, Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum, Dr Andrew Weil for Origins By Red Online, Garnier Dark Spot Corrector and Kiehl’s Dark Spot Solution.

You might find the best lightening cream for dark spots for a specific part of your body. For instance, there are some of the best face creams for brightening dark and brown spots. Others may be formulated as the best creams for removing dark circles. Such a cream will be the best for use when you want to a cream to bleach dark under eye spots.

Best Dark Spot Cream Ingredients to Choose

When shopping for the best cream for brown spots, pay keen attention to the ingredients. There are those ingredients that should not miss if the serum you are going to use to brighten brown and dark spots on face. One hint on how to go about choosing the best cream for fading dark skin discolorations is to look for bleaching ingredients. Here are some of the must-have ingredients found in most consumer recommended reviews.

Trametes versicolor extract Niacinamide
Salicylic acid Phenylethyl resorcinol
Ascorbyl glucoside Arbutin
Dianella ensifolia extract Kojic acid
Glucosamine Azelaic acid
Sepiwhite Methyl dihydroxybenzoate (or methyl gentisate)
N-acetyl glucosamine Dianella ensifolia extract
Undecylenoyl phenylalanine Ellagic acid
Niacinamide Bearberry extract
Phenylethyl resorcinol Idebenone
Ascorbic acid or ascorbyl glucoside (Vitamin C) Phenylethyl resorcinol (or SymWhite 377)
Licorice-root extract Mulberry-leaf extract
Emblica-fruit extract

Other than looking at the ingredients when choosing the best fade cream for dark spots/best fading cream, it is important that you look at its intended purpose. While there are many top rated or good creams, serums and oils out there, some of them are just for lightening dark skin and not for lightening dark marks on the skin. Therefore, always opt for a product that is specially formulated as a cream for treating dark skin spots. The list of best cream for dark spots above has products you can choose from for treating the marks.

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