Social Media and Growing a Perfect Audience

Almost 90% of people between ages 18 and 29 use at least one form of social media. These users tend to have better-educated, more wealthy pasts, and spend more on non-essential purchases. This is just one factor to consider when it comes to growing an audience within social media platforms.

While only 4.2% of people interact with a Facebook post, for example, with a large enough audience that’s a sizable amount of active engagement. Social media is powerful because of the loyalty it creates and the small influence it exerts on others.

There are three key phases that will help anyone find a perfect audience among the several prominent social media platforms that exist today. The first phase is characterized by understanding the digital environment one will be growing their audience in, building a foundation on which to snowball, and being sensitive to changes in audience and market.

The second phase consists of tone and timing, tone means being a strong communicator with a clear message that will garner new audiences and keep the support of old audiences. Timing comes in capitalizing on events and knowing when to post, grow an audience base, or try to find new types of people to market to.

Finally phase three consists of the emotional base. To build a strong audience one must be level headed, never make rash decisions, understand audience criticisms but not let them control them, and be consistent.

 It’s through these three phases that the audience will start to steadily grow without having to throw oneself at each trend that exists day to day. Building an audience doesn’t come from a complete loss of a life outside of the internet, it comes from doing things the right way, and outlined above are some methods to do so.

Finding A Perfect Audience
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