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Summer Wellness Checklist – 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Summer

Are you looking for clever ways to beat the heat and enjoy a healthy and rewarding summer in Iowa City? Like much of the Midwest cities and towns, Iowa is notorious for its sweltering heat waves and horrid humidity spells. The humid continental climate can make summers extremely challenging, demanding a detailed checklist to prioritize wellness. 

Interestingly, Iowa City residents hardly stay indoors during summer despite the scorching sun burning their backs. With a proactive summer wellness approach, you can enjoy fun under the sun without exposing your body to sunburns and dehydration. The city’s summer calendar is packed with amazing events like concerts, festivals, and farmer’s markets that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Read on to explore some brilliant tips for a healthy summer and make the most of Iowa City’s action-packed social calendar. 

  1. Beware Worsening Symptoms & Prevent Emergencies 

Did you know summer heat waves can worsen the symptoms of existing acute and chronic conditions, triggering unexpected health emergencies? A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that extreme summer temperatures exacerbate symptoms of mental and physical illnesses. People diagnosed with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, like cardiovascular complications and type 2 diabetes, experience a surge in their symptoms. 

Managing health conditions becomes much tougher in the summer, demanding proactive preventive care to avert health emergencies. If you or your loved ones are diagnosed with an illness, limiting heat exposure and prioritizing regular check-ups is important. Traveling far for doctor’s appointments and refilling medication prescriptions are situations we cannot avoid. We suggest finding a reputable Iowa City pharmacy that provides free home deliveries and consultation services. 

Instead of braving the heat for your weekly or bimonthly medication refills, you can simply schedule home deliveries. Experienced and licensed pharmacists can offer valuable guidance on preventive care to avert medical emergencies and provide immediate relief. Parents with little ones and seniors living alone can rely on such services and avoid venturing outdoors during severe humidity spells. 

Embracing a proactive summer wellness approach will help you manage existing symptoms and avoid heat triggers that can worsen your condition. It is pertinent to understand that people with physical illnesses aren’t the only ones at risk. People who struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress can also experience a surge of intensity in their symptoms during summer. Having reliable support on speed dial can make a world of difference to someone living alone or the designated driver. 

  1. Create a Balance for an Active & Restful Summer 

For outdoor enthusiasts, summer is a season of endless adventures and abundant possibilities for some unpretentious fun under the sun. Unfortunately, people who love the outdoors are the most vulnerable victims of heat waves and sunburns. It’s important to find a balance between physical activity and rest to enjoy an active and restful summer. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve a mindful balance:

  • Avoid heading outdoors during peak heatwaves and daylight. 
  • Schedule your outdoor activities for early morning and evening. 
  • Always use sunscreen before heading outdoors.
  • Protect yourself from the harsh UV rays with protective clothing, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats. 

If you love physical activity, consider hitting the local trails and walkways during the early morning hours or evening. You can embrace an indoor exercise routine or join a local recreational center to avoid intense humidity and heat spells. Resting up and staying indoors will help you enjoy a healthy summer without succumbing to heat exhaustion. 

  1. Stay Hydrated with Plenty of Fluids 

Do you drink at least eight tall glasses of water every day to prevent dehydration and retain sufficient moisture? The heat soaks up all the moisture from our body and skin, resulting in dry spells and extreme dehydration. Not drinking enough water and refreshing fluids can result in a drastic loss of electrolytes – compounds that maintain an active and energetic body! 

Staying hydrated with plenty of fluids is of the utmost significance to avert the risk factors of heat exhaustion and heat strokes. If you feel excessively dehydrated because of your love for coffee and tea, consider switching to iced tea and cold coffee. Those who struggle to drink enough water can treat themselves to freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. 

Adding freshly cut slices of fruits and flavorful herbs to water will elevate the flavor profile to help you reach your daily target. Zesty lemon and berries add a refreshing flavor that makes plain water more enjoyable. 

  1. Enjoy the Colorful Summer Fruits & Veggies 

Summer may get a bad reputation for its scorching heat, but the season offers much to rejoice in and enjoy. The season brings a wealth of colorful and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables to strengthen immunity and improve health markers. Iowa City has a vibrant farm-to-table culture, and the local farmer’s markets are ideal to shop for affordable produce. 

Berries, cucumbers, plums, peaches, and watermelons are excellent additions to a summer-friendly diet to support hydration and wellness. You can fix yourself refreshing salads and light snacks with tomatoes, roasted corn, figs, and nectarines. Adding more color to your plate is the simplest way to increase your nutrient intake with hefty doses of phytonutrients. 

  1. Cool Off with a Splash! 

Is there a better way to cool off and enjoy the summer sun than splashing around in a pool? Certainly not! Iowa City residents can join a health club or explore the swim-friendly local lakes, like Coralville Lake and Kent Park Lake. 

Swimming is a great way to beat the heat, cool off and stay hydrated while getting enough physical activity to maintain agility. Swimming is ideal for modifying your workout regime when outdoor excursions and exercise become too overwhelming. Most city dwellings and communities offer public pools where families can head over to splash around and cool off. 

You can engage the support of a seasoned trainer to help you boost your stamina and build endurance with the right swimming techniques. 

Final Thoughts 

The ravages of climate change have made summers harsher and hotter worldwide as temperatures continue to rise alarmingly. You may feel nostalgic for the endless summer fun and outdoor adventures you enjoyed as a child. Adjusting to modern-day realities is hard, but we must prioritize our health and wellness by beating the summer heat. 

Make small adjustments to your lifestyle to ride out the sweltering heat waves by staying indoors and avoiding the sun. When you venture outdoors, be sure to slather your skin with SPF and wear protective gear to avoid UV rays. Upon returning home, replenish electrolytes with fresh watermelon juice and flavorful smoothies. 

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