The 6 Worst Times For Hyperhidrosis To Strike

There’s never a good time for hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating to strike. But there are certainly some bad times for it to show up. The different types of stress that come from excessive sweat range from emotional, to physical, to the all-important financial. Take a look at the six worst times for hyperhidrosis to rear its swamp sweaty head.

1. First Dates

No one wants to start a first date with that off-putting sweaty intro. For many, the excessive sweating can start even before you head out on the date. Hyperhidrosis can lead to drippy, listless hair, and if you’re a woman, you might sweat off all your makeup before you even finish getting dressed. The good news is that with an effective hyperhidrosis antiperspirant treatment, you don’t have to limit your dates only to places with overactive air conditioning.

2. Job Interviews

Job interviews are already stressful enough without adding your obviously sweaty pits, hands, and face to the mix. The vast majority of hyperhidrosis sufferers dread job interviews — and even if they get the job, they end up hindering their own advancement by avoiding making presentations or any kind of public speaking.

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing with hyperhidrosis isn’t just embarrassing — it can even be dangerous. Without dry hands to help create friction and a secure grip, you don’t have the physical tools you need to make it up that rock face. Even if you chalk up every few moves, you end up taking longer than you’d like (not to mention having what feels like pancake batter on your hands as your sweat combines with the chalk).

4. Intimate Times

Let’s say you got past that first date, and you’re now in a relationship where you can expect to get intimate. The last thing you want is to leave sweat all over the sheets. Finding a way to stop excessive sweating can be a major boost to your love life.

5. Playing a Musical Instrument

When your hands are sweating uncontrollably, sometimes you can’t even feel the keys or strings of your musical instrument. You might get distracted by the feeling of sweat running down your neck, your arms or your legs as you try to stay focused on the music. Your sweating hands may slow you down on tricky passages — and maybe you’ve even caused rusting on your instrument.

6. Important Business Presentations

You’re giving an important business presentation. Your future with the company, or your chance to impress a possible employer, hangs in the balance. And all you can think of is keeping your elbows clutched to your side and not raising your arms, because you know what your underarms are going to look like. Wouldn’t it be great if an underarm hyperhidrosis treatment existed so you could focus on your presentation instead of your armpits?

What scenarios can you add to this list of situations when you definitely don’t want hyperhidrosis to strike? Whatever you consider the most inopportune, there’s a real solution to stop excessive sweating. Turn to ZeroSweat for a hyperhidrosis treatment that really works.

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