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The Many Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Every Day.

Historically, in Australia, the cup of tea was the beverage of choice for many years and we inherited this love for tea from our British cousins across the water. After a hard day’s work, a nice mug of tea would hit the spot and allow us to relax and watch TV. However, another drink has taken over and is now more popular all across Australia and the world. I am, of course, talking about coffee and many people now cannot start their working day without a cup of this amazing elixir. We are unable to function properly without it, and if we don’t get a coffee, then we get really annoyed. It tastes fantastic and it gives us that little boost that we need in the morning and throughout the day.

Many Processes.

Finding a good cup of coffee is more difficult than you think, and although there are many large coffee chains all across Australia, many of them do not deliver a proper cup of coffee. For those that take the time to learn about the coffee bean and the roasting process, they are generally very successful and coffee shops are full to capacity most days. There are people out there that take their coffee very seriously indeed, and they spend a great deal of time using different roasting methods and blending different types of coffee together, to try to find us the perfect cup. There is one particular business that is growing in numbers every year and the number of people who are enjoying their coffee is also growing.

The Health Benefits.

This particular business is called Bun Coffee and they create their award-winning coffee by using Bun Coffee fair trade coffee beans to create the perfect cup of coffee. For those of you who are not aware of the many benefits of drinking coffee, the following shortlist should help you to educate yourself.

  • Keeps you regular – A single cup of brewed coffee provides you with almost 2g of fibre every time you enjoy a cup of coffee. Many people will tell you that the only way to get their day off to a proper start, is to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee. After that, the system seems to start working properly and the digestive tract starts doing what it’s supposed to do. This provides you with an excellent start to the day.
  • Liver protection – Recent studies have shown that the consumption of coffee helps to protect your liver. Many of us here in Australia enjoy a beer or five, so this is the perfect answer to your hangover woes from the night before. You could of course, cut down on your alcohol intake, or you can enjoy this option and have a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee the very next day.

  • Lower risk of disease – Research has been conducted that explains that those who drink six or more cups of coffee every day, have a notable reduced risk of getting diabetes. There is also some other important research that suggests caffeine found in coffee, may offer you protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

As well as the above health benefits, it also tastes fantastic and there are so many different kinds and types of coffee beans to choose from, from all over the world. These coffee shops feature up to 30 different coffees or more, so there is bound to be a coffee bean in there that you love, and you’re going to have a lot of fun trying all the different kinds of coffees until you get to the right one for you.

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