The Real Deal about Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester Procedure

Some men, regardless of age, notice their hair thinning or eventually losing. Hair loss in men beyond genetics and illnesses is highly common as a result of hormonal changes, or a condition called androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Furthermore, studies have shown that such baldness occurs in 30% to 50% of men over 50s.

In this modern age, a lot of hair restoration solutions are introduced to address male pattern baldness. Among the options, a procedure called scalp micropigmentation has become Manchester men’s most favorite. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester? 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a solution for Manchester residents who have been dealing with all sorts of hair loss and scalp scarring regardless of sex and age. Compared to enormously expensive, patchy hair transplants and ineffective and harmful wigs and other hair fixtures, scalp micropigmentation Manchester works so easily yet quickly when carried out by a seasoned and skilled practitioner. Although the procedure is not abrasive and pricy, the results are natural-looking, of high quality, and longer-lasting.  

The procedure resembles the typical tattoo process but with key differences, i.e. it is carried out not with a manual blade but using an electric tattoo device to better penetrate the scalp’s skin. Unlike in skin tattoos procedure that goes as deep as five layers, the procedure in scalp micropigmentation only involves two-layer inking. 

Considered a cosmetic treatment for hair loss known for its quick effect without required long recovery, the results of scalp micropigmentation are so natural-looking that one can barely conclude that it is synthetic. However, the treatment requires proper administration and handling of real experts who rigorously know the procedure’s ABCs. Although Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester clients may need to return for hairline changes or touch-ups, the procedure generally requires minimal to zero maintenance. 

What good does scalp micropigmentation do? 

By the age of 35, around 70% of men suffer from hair loss to some level. In the premature stages, the procedure can help reproduce the fullness of the hair. Easier known as “scalp tattoo”, scalp micropigmentation treatment is beneficial through the following ways:

  • It conceals the scars from failed hair transplants from strips up to the patches caused by follicular unit extraction surgeries. 
  • It likewise conceals birthmarks, burns, and other scalp imperfections. 
  • It improves hair density by appearance, making it look healthy and full. 
  • The natural, young-looking hairline gives a receded look. 
  • It is an invasive solution that can address even the most severe form of alopecia. 
  • It enhances the results of hair transplant, making the hair look denser. 

The procedure works with a goal of using tiny, layered dots in different black colors to mimic the shadow look on the scalp instead of creating hair-like lines like in micro-blading eyebrow procedure. The style applied is known as pointillism, aimed at producing a natural-looking definition and depth. 

Scalp micropigmentation procedure is the hair loss solution you will need regardless of your skin tone, hair type and color, and current situation. Without having to pay as much as in a hair transplant surgery, Manchester experts who have cultivated a sensitivity to the needs of their clients will also be providing legitimate pieces of advice and technical guidance throughout the end of the treatment. The techniques scalp micropigmentation Manchester’s techniques follow have evolved but the procedures more often than not heal far faster than with other surgical treatments. 

Who can have it? 

With the help of various simplified processes close to other hair restoration techniques, almost every man suffering from baldness or hair loss would be a great candidate for scalp micropigmentation. This includes:

  • Men with noticeable scars 
  • Men in the early phases of hair loss
  • Men who cannot undergo hair transplant because of health reasons
  • Men who want their thinner spots filled in a natural-looking way
  • Men with bad experiences from lousy scalp micropigmentation clinics
  • Men dealing with the big C (cancer)
  • Men with thinning hair 
  • Women who are also suffering from pattern baldness and the abovementioned conditions

The Procedure

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester procedure starts by shaving the area and follows it with a detailed tattooing process to create the desired illusion and may take 2-4 hours to complete. Because the procedure is incredibly intricate, at times, follow-up sessions that will run a week apart may be necessary for best coverage. It does not leave scars. However, mild skin redness can appear and might last up to two days. 

As to whether it hurts or not, the answer depends on various factors. Before the procedure, your clinician will apply cream onto your scalp and then the procedure gets painless for the most part but can be cause discomfort.

The preparatory guidelines include having to shower before the procedure since one of the post-procedural requirement is to not wash or wet the scalp up to four days. After the treatment, it is vital to avoid steam rooms, saunas, and swimming for 28 days and hide from sunlight. However, if exposure is inevitable, patients are required to rigorously use SPF 30 to 50 sunblock creams. Moreover, the aftercare requires regular moisturizing of the treated area that will start on the fourth day since the final treatment. 

Treat Baldness with Style

One of the most fashionable hairstyle in the world today is a shaven head that can be gorgeously achieved through a scalp micropigmentation procedure. It is so modernly appealing even in the eyes of women that you can see a number of Hollywood actors, sports enthusiasts, and corporate executives sporting the look. Men will no longer have to suffer in silence and can easily join the lines of handsome and progressive. All it needs is 1-3 scalp micropigmentation treatments to live a life without anxiety and limitations. 

Say bye to shaving! 

Shaving is a common item in men’s to-do list. Besides the bits of pain men occasionally go through from it, having to maintain it every two days requires effort or a few misses’ imperfections will be hard to keep up. Fortunately, with scalp micropigmentation procedure, men can finally bid goodbye to shaving without worrying that their looks will be compromised. 

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