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The Transformative Power of Live Video

The internet has changed a lot since its birth in the previous century. Text-based websites gave way to images and audio, 2 features that later combined to make online video. The more the internet advances, the greater our expectations for what it can do. Today, the biggest change in how the internet conveys content is the advent of live video streaming. By 2028, revenue from live video is predicted to reach $184 billion. 

Already in 2022, consumers are making it clear they want live video. 79% of those surveyed say they interact with live video at least once a week. This interaction could come in the form of e-sports, which made $9.3 billion in 2020. It could also have happened in healthcare; 17% of US patients used telehealth to connect with their doctors in 2021. Another place where video calls happen is the hiring process; 86% of companies conducted employee interviews over video call. Outside hiring new employees, 75% of CEOs say that video calls will entirely replace audio-only conference calls. 

Live video is omnipresent in today’s economy, but not everyone has equal access to it. Live streaming requires massive bandwidth, leaving many rural areas out of the phenomenon.

The power of nimble live video

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