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The Wearable Solution Taking the Running World By Storm

The endorphin rush that comes with a good workout is unparalleled for avid runners and active individuals. Running helps to relieve stress, stay fit, and keep us moving forward. For many, running is a meditative practice and a way to process and release the anxieties and stresses of the ever-changing world. No matter the circumstances we face, running can help to boost our mood, and leave us empowered with each new challenge. In fact, just 30 minutes walking on the treadmill has been proven to lift the mood of those experiencing major depressive disorder. Running generally keeps us happier and it gives us a running start in personal health as well.

The Major Health Benefits of Running

As an aerobic form of exercise, running has an innate impact on heart health. According to the American College of Cardiology, runners had a 30 percent lower risk of mortality and a 45 percent lower risk of death caused by heart disease, compared to non-runners. Running has also been miraculously proven to lower the risk of developing breast cancer. The activity strengthens and enhances joint health. It engages the core muscles to enhance balance and stability in our everyday lives. It

is one of the most affordable and accessible ways to access a wealth of health benefits, both mental and physical, throughout our lives.

Running teaches us a lot about stamina, and building the strength to move past our limitations. But how far is too far? According to the New York Times, nearly 80% of runners confront painful injuries each year. And while we try our very best to do right by our bodies, unfortunately, aches and pains often come with the running territory.

Common Injuries

Many common running injuries develop due to overuse. Other factors such as improper footwear, and tight calf muscles can lead to injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, causing the Achilles to swell and limit activity. The path to recovery isn’t always a straightforward one but it can certainly help to stretch the calves after a workout and choose supportive footwear that conforms to your unique body. The tissue that rests on the bottom of the feet, known as plantar fascia may also become vulnerable during your hardest workouts. Thanks to excess force being placed on the feet, runners may develop a stabbing pain in the arch of the foot, a condition known as Plantar fasciitis.

The phrase Shin Splints can be triggering for many runners who know that stabbing, aching feeling all too well. This injury develops when the muscles and the tendons that cover the shinbones become painfully inflamed. Another injury has become so common to runners that it has adopted the very telling name, Runners Knee. Runner’s knee, known more formally as Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) causes pain around the kneecap, even leading to an audible popping sound for some runners. The injury can be caused by an imbalance in strength or mobility. It can also originate from a general attitude of ‘running through the pain’ and a runner failing to take the proper rest or modifications. The problem is, many runners lack the information to make these kinds of decisions for their bodies and the consequences are quite painful. This is where dorsaVi intervenes.

Introducing a Wearable Solution

DorsaVi is a motion sensor wearable that is taking the running world by storm. It is an FDA-cleared solution that delivers lab quality data, combining biomechanical instruments with intelligent sensors that measure each body’s motion and muscle activity. Like your favorite FitBit or Fitness tracker, dorsaVi can be worn conveniently on the body, delivering fitness insight in real time, in real-life scenarios. The solution may be used to prevent injury, guide rehabilitation, and make you a better, healthier runner, overall. “The dorsaVi wearable sensor solutions allow many aspects of detailed human movement and position to be acutely captured, quantified, with the same level of accuracy as a biomechanics lab – but with the benefit of it being simple to use, low cost and accessible for use in real situations in real-time,” says Megan Connell, Chief Marketing Officer at dorsaVi.

As a practicing Physiotherapist, Co-Founder, Andrew Ronchi saw a large gap in the information he could provide to his clients. Noticing a lack of objectivity in the clinical space, he and his brother Dan Ronchi wished to carve the path for an intelligent wearable that could enhance and better inform patient treatment. Ever since, dorsaVi has been used by a range of health and performance professionals from physical therapists to coaches in the NFL.

Whether you’re the next Tom Brady or an everyday runner, the wearable solution can help to increase longevity and keep you doing what you love to do. DorsaVi’s clinical solution – Professional Suite can be particularly helpful for runners. It captures movement analytics from three core modules, including Low Back, Run, and Knee, supporting athletes who are susceptible to ‘runner’s knee’ and other common injuries. On your fitness journey, knowledge is power, and injury is only a bump in the road.

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