Top Products to Help Fight the Stress of Being a Business Owner

When you own a business it comes with a lot of stress, and not just when times are tough. The regular day-to-day activities can cause stress, even when everything is going well. It’s part of the job, I guess you could say. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to help eliminate or at least reduce stress.

There are often little things you can do throughout the day or in the evening that all contribute to reducing stress levels. Below are some examples. Making an effort to always focus on reducing your stress a little bit leads to a healthier life. Letting stress pile up is not good for you or your well-being.

Back Roller

A foam back roller is a great way to stretch and work out your back at home. They can be purchased online or at any sporting goods retail store. They are very inexpensive and can easily be stored under your bed.

“A stressful day can cause your back to tighten up and if you don’t address it you will eventually suffer from lower back pain and general discomfort,” says Irene McConnell of Arielle Executive, an agency that helps prospects get noticed on LinkedIn. “Rolling out your back helps to loosen your back muscles and break down the tissue, similar to how a massage works.”

There are several different kinds. If you want a really deep massage while you roll your back out opt for one that is very firm with deep knobs. This can really relax you when done every night.


These devices have become very popular and they were once only used by sports professionals. There are now many of the devices coming to market for home use, allowing you to work on yourself, rather than pay for expensive massages.

“The TheraGun allows you to massage your entire body with a variety of different pressures, attachments, etc.,” explains Chris Moberg of Slumber Search, a review site that features the popular IKEA mattress, among others. “It’s not cheap, at about $600, but when you consider that you would pay that for about four office visits, the cost makes sense.”

You can use this device to work out all of your stress, and it’s great for those that sit a lit during the day or have been cooped up on a plane for a long period of time. It’s portable, so you can deliver this stress-relief therapy anywhere.

Heating Pad

Long day? Aches and pains all over? Apply a heating pad in the evening and you will see a lot of that disappear. You can find them online and the cost is very inexpensive.

“Applying heat to your lower back, shoulders and neck can really help reduce stress, as it loosens those muscle areas,” says Ignacio Soria of “These are the areas that generally tighten up the most when we are stressed.”

You can even use them in bed, and most of them have shut-off timers. A lot of people will find that using the heating pad will help them fall asleep easier, resulting in a deeper, more effective sleep.

Weighted Blanket

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to rest. Sleep is such an important part of this, and there are many things you can do to help improve the quality of your sleep.

“There are little things you can do that all add up to big results,” says Andrew Tran of Therapy Blanket. “Try lowering the temperature in your room and using a weighted blanket. Many people will find that they are able to achieve a much deeper sleep by using a weighted blanket.”


Physical exercise is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and clear your mind. Cardio, either on a treadmill or stationary bike, can help you accomplish that. You don’t even have to go to a gym — there are affordable home models you can put in your bedroom or even garage.

“Thirty minutes on a treadmill is an easy way to reduce stress,” suggests Karen Anderson of The Probate Law House, where people turn to when the process needs to be done properly. “Make sure you aren’t thinking about work, either. Listen to music and disconnect. You get your exercise in and you are able to clear your mind.”

Regular exercise has many health benefits. Sure, it contributes to weight loss and feeling great, but it can also help fight off infections and keep your body’s immune system stronger. Regular cardio and physical fitness can help reduce your stress and reduce your likelihood of getting sick.

Massage Chair

If you want to end your day in style, consider buying a massage chair for your home. There is nothing more relaxing that kicking back for 20 minutes in the evening and having your back worked on while you relax or watch TV.

“A massage chair used to be a luxury, and while it still is, there are several affordable options now available,” says Pedro Del Nero of Vaporizer Vendor, a popular source of the new firefly 2 coupon code. “If you have the space, you can get a full size chair, or if you need a smaller option, there are several portable options that you can use on any existing recliner or couch.”

Using a massage chair in the evening will help work out stress and also help ensure you get a nice rest, which also contributes to stress reduction.

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