Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers

DFU is a serious medical condition for diabetic patients. If not attended to properly by a physical familiar with diabetic necrosis it can result in gangrene, amputation, and even patient mortality. Normally, diabetic foot ulcers are kept under control by the patient themselves through careful and thorough foot hygiene and inspection on a daily basis. A proper diet and consistent weight control are also of great importance in preventing the big toe or the ball of the foot from developing a DFU. Diabetes patients are subject to a variety of foot infections and ulcers that are similar to the classic foot ulcer, such things as arterial and venous ulcers or even malignant melanoma. So it’s imperative that a skilled physician be consulted whenever an ulcer of any kind develops on the foot. Wound care specialists are able to use the predictive healing tool to evaluate, diagnose and treat wounds.

Most wounds on the foot come from the diabetic circulation problems that are a common symptom of the disease. The lowered circulation restricts the oxygen available to the extremities, such as the legs and feet, which in turn keeps the skin from repairing itself in a timely manner, especially among the extremities such as the hands and feet.

Debridement is the first order of business when a DFU is being treated. This basically means removal of all the necrotic tissue down to fresh healthy tissue. This can only be done by a licensed healthcare provider. The wound then must be cleaned and flushed with saline solution to remove any foreign material that may have become lodged in the wound. It is then dressed and the patient must be encouraged to keep all weight off the affected area for at least several weeks. This will probably mean extensive bed rest and/or the use of a wheelchair. A course of rotating antibiotics will be prescribed by the doctor,and the patient should take careful heed to follow the dosages and schedule in order to allow them to work most effectively.  

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