War and the Web are Changing

It wasn’t too uncommon a decade or two ago to see a TV show with hackers rapidly typing away and causing devastating real world problems. Although clearly, the extent to which a “hacker” or really anyone on the internet could affect the real world was more than limited. Or at least that was the case until very recently.

Over the past few years, countries’ reliance on digital resources to run government resources, electrical grids, house private information, and control infrastructure has only grown and grown. This has led to the emergence of cyber attacks, calculated digital attacks on these same resources listed above.

And while to date most of these cyberattacks haven’t been too devastating, that is subject to change. Notably the war in Ukraine represents the first real example of a cyber war being enacted against another country. Russia has continually been putting pressure on Ukraines cyber defenses, downing 70 key government websites in January for example. And in the past shutting down entire power grids and financial establishments in Ukraine.

This isn’t an issue exclusive to Ukraine though, countries like the U.S are on high alert due to the similarity of some of their systems to Ukraines. In a world where tech is key, cyberdefenses and digital privacy are of the utmost importance. If there’s anything to be learned, it’s that the world is changing. And while technology leads to much convenience and utility, its dangers must also be acknowledged.

Next Gen Cyber Warfare

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