What Are the Best Types of Fake Eyelashes?

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No matter who you are or what your lifestyle looks like, you feel your best when you look your best.  You feel most prepared when you are looking your best, and sometimes that feeling is easier to accomplish than others.  Regardless, though, your potential is endless and you are probably always open to trying new things when it comes to your beauty routine.  

One of the main focal points of anyone’s beauty routine is eye makeup; the eyes are the window to the soul and express more emotion than probably all other facial features combined.  However, eye makeup can be so stressful because it is messy and application has to be so precise.  If it gets messed up or smudged, recovering in a timely fashion can be difficult.  Something that important should get attention, and being open to adding new things to your routine can be a great way to boost your confidence.

Traditional Eye Makeup

The first kind of eye makeup anyone learns to use or apply is mascara, which certainly has its benefits.  Since it is easy to use, versatile, and beautiful, mascara can add pop and life to any eye look.  However, it also can have its drawbacks; application can be time consuming, and doing it every single day can be a complete drag.  Also, for people with lighter lashes, doing eye makeup can be difficult, because seeing your lashes for application can just be a stress factor in and of itself because lighter eyelashes can be almost invisible.  

Additionally, mascara can be difficult to wear depending on the circumstance.  If you are planning on being outside and sweating or being out on the water at all, mascara can clump, run, or just fall off entirely, and so it is not really the best option for all scenarios.

The Next Step: False Lashes

If you find that mascara is not conducive to your lifestyle or the pace at which you choose to move, that is totally fine.  You can still look the way you want to look and gain the confidence you need from false lashes or lash extensions.  Fake lashes provide a longer lasting, fuller approach to your eye look, and can actually draw more attention to your natural beauty without hiding it in any way.  Whether you go for temporary false lashes, home-applied magnetic fake lashes, or full salon applied eyelash extensions, you will probably enjoy your experience and you will love your new look.

Basic False Lashes

False lashes are easy to find at really any drug store or supermarket, but you can always spend more if you want a better quality look.  If you need a one-time boost, try disposable fake lashes, which are easy to apply and can be a daily addition to your eye makeup routine.  Skip the mascara and just add a little boost to your lash look.

However, if you want something more professional looking without the full commitment of a one hundred fifty dollar salon treatment, go for something like a more mid-range lash, like home applied magnetic lashes.  These can easily be the best fake lashes for many people, because they are a longer lasting version of cheaper false lashes without being a huge financial or time commitment like salon applied extensions.  These fake lashes are amazing for people constantly on the go.  If you have sparse or lighter lashes, they create a noticeable and lasting difference, adding volume and length without looking fake or artificial.  Having these kinds of lash extensions will allow you to apply your lash when you want it so that you have full control over what you bring to the table and when.  

The final kind of lash extension to explore is the salon applied lashes, which are usually individually attached with lash glue to your existing lashes, creating a natural, full look.  However, this method of lashes is rather expensive and can take several hours, and while it may last for about a month, it can be difficult to maintain them, and you have no control over whether they are on or not; if you get them, you have them until they fall out.

What kind of fake eyelashes you pick is completely up to you; do some research and pick what suits your lifestyle best.  For many people, though, the middle of the road compromise between cheaper disposable lashes and the costly salon treatments that last a month are home application magnetic lashes.

In Summary

You want control over how you look.  You want to boost your self confidence without breaking the bank.  You want to achieve your full beauty potential.  Giving yourself these things is fully within your reach!  Longer, fuller, more eye-catching lashes can be yours without changing your lifestyle, and maybe magnetic lashes are your best shot at achieving that goal.

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