What Should You Do After Completing Rehab?

The last day of rehab is one of the most exciting days of any patient’s life, especially if the patient took inpatient rehab. Getting out of those confined environments makes many patients happy. However, this also embarks the first day of their actual sober life. Staying sober in a confined place where many people monitor you is easier than living in an open environment. In rehab, you have a relatively easier schedule with no triggers around and no checks and balances on your activities. That’s why most patients fear getting out of inpatient rehab.

Addiction leaves a huge scar on the patient’s personality, and most of them feel incapable of controlling their impulses and might go back to the same lifestyle after coming out clean from rehab. Some patients feel overwhelmed and get excited about starting a new life, while some stay up all night in anxiety as they feel as if they are not ready for the world.

However, they should remember that with determination and self-control, everything is possible, and they can stay clean for the rest of their life. We have a list of things you should do after completing your rehab to stay sober, happy, and healthy for the rest of your life.

  1. Go For Outpatient Therapy

The first thing you should do after completing rehab is signup for outpatient therapy from a good hospital. Always check the hospital’s website before signing up for outpatient therapy. Checking the website will give you an overview of the hospital’s service. You can visit resources like www.delphihealthgroup.com to check their rehab services.

Finding a good outpatient therapy is important as around 40% to 60% of patients experience relapse after coming back from rehab. The main reason such a huge number of people revert to their old lifestyle after returning from rehab is that they suddenly get a lot of freedom, which acts as a trigger. It is best to nip the evil in the bud, and signing up for outpatient therapy will keep you on track with a normal and sober life.

Checking the hospital’s website before signing up for their therapy is essential. There are institutes that have outpatient programs that might not be as efficient as their inpatient program. A patient out of rehab is more vulnerable than a patient in rehab and requires different activities and therapies to stay sober.

  • Make Changes To Your Social Circle

The next thing that you should do after completing your rehab is to make changes in your social circle. After returning from rehab, you should check your social circle and remove the people who aren’t sober or active addicts. That advice may sound a little harsh, but it is the best decision you make for yourself. You should avoid being around active addicts, especially when you have just completed your rehab. If you can, try to get them help as well.

Even if they don’t offer you drugs or support your recovery, seeing them can make you crave substances as your brain has associated the word substance and addiction with them. Your encounters will them will become a case of classical conditioning.

Leaving or keeping a distance from those people can be hard, especially when they are your family and friends, but you have to make some sacrifices for a sober life. Once you become firm on your sober track, you can meet them and even help them get a sober life. You should also find new friends; outpatient therapies are a great way to find such friends.

  • Get Yourself A Pet Friend

Getting yourself a pet friend is one of the best things you can do for yourself after completing rehab. People often feel lonely and out of place after completing rehab. Pets can fill that void within you. So if you are a pet lover, then great! You already know how happy and special those adorable babies can make you. If you are not a pet lover, even then, it is a great chance to open yourself to those little babies. Adopting a pet will make you understand why pet lovers can even die for their pets.

If we keep all the animal lover factors aside and only talk about logical and scientific points, even then, keeping pets is good for you after completing rehab as they make you feel responsible. The number one reason people relapse after coming out of rehab is that they feel as if they can’t control themselves. Plus, they are taken care of in rehab, so change acts as a trigger.

When you have a pet, you have someone you have to take care of and someone dependent on you. That feeling keeps you on a sober path. Plus, they remove your loneliness and unhappiness, which are also huge triggers for relapse.

  • Make Lifestyle Changes

After rehab, you should make major lifestyle changes to improve your mental and physical health. Doctors often say addiction never ends; it just changes its form. Sometimes people overcome their addiction to substances but get addicted to harmless food items and start eating them in insane amounts. Sometimes they get addicted to certain activities like cleaning; they do that for hours. They believe that it is normal and much better than their previous antics; however, they don’t realize that it is their brain’s way of filling that addictive side, and in the worst scenario, the brain can do a sudden relapse

That’s why you should pay attention to your lifestyle and ensure that you are not doing something out of the ordinary. Something as simple and harmless as eating excessively or working too much is alarming. Stay mindful of all activities, change your diet, and include healthy items. As a healthy body creates a healthy mind, exercises, and starts living life to the fullest by enjoying the natural things of life.


Completing rehab should be a reason to be proud, as it shows that you are stronger than your instincts, impulses, and craving. It is proof of everything you did to start a normal life. You didn’t let the dark phase of your life overpower your whole life. Sober life is beautiful; however, it is important to do some things to stay firm on the right path.

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