Why Companies Should Invest in Emotional Intelligence Training

Any occupation that leads to success is hard. It requires not just the skills and the knowledge one obtains but it requires grit, perseverance, and strong people skills to successfully handle them when employees are weary. To be strong in these areas, companies should offer continuous education on growing employees’ emotional intelligence. 

Unlike traditional training which often requires more upfront cost and time that employees do not have, companies should invest in incremental learning that gives employees the chance to learn for a couple of minutes a day about growing their emotional IQ. Through their mobile devices, employees can interact with the content they learn so that they can practice what they learn. 

Because the average adult’s attention span lasts 20 minutes in one sitting, companies should avoid long hours of training since employees are more likely not to retain what they learn. Losing the information that employees lost makes them more vulnerable to frustration due to the hard work and long hours of training they sat through. Ultimately, this will weaken their emotional intelligence since they are likely not to get the most out of what they sat through. 

By learning in small incremental settings daily, employees will grow their emotional intelligence over time which will make them stronger people when they are working hard as a group. They will better handle adversity, escalating conflict, and indifferences by finding a common ground as they remain humble and hopeful when implementing solutions accordingly. Learn more about how microlearning is changing the game in the visual deep dive below:

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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