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Why Remote Work Platforms Could Be Good for Your Business

Among the many significant changes that occurred during the pandemic, working-from-home (WFH) is a major change that has persisted today. In fact, around 40 percent of U.S. employees work remotely at least one day a week. However, what benefits come along with remote work?

Firstly, remote work makes it easier for employees to be in the office. Businesses with remote work practices enjoy no commutes and less time getting ready, which leads to 56% fewer absences and 50% fewer sick days. Secondly, remote work fosters a more positive work environment, with over 98 percent of employees showing a preference for remote work. WFH employees spend more time with family and friends and less time in meetings, which in turn results in 68% more productivity and 50% less employee turnover.

In fact, it’s never been easier to implement and maintain remote work teams, with platforms like Unrubble. These remote work platforms offer several cybersecurity and IT tools, in order to help defend your employees from virtual risks. They also offer AI scheduling software, which harnesses the power of AI to optimize the work schedules. Ultimately, many businesses should take advantage of remote work practices, for both employees and employers alike. And with remote work platforms, taking advantage of remote work practices can be a seamless and easy transition.

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