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Sermorelin Vs. HGH

The human body depends on hormones for it to function properly and grow. Hormones responsible for growth of the body are called human growth hormones …

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Olive Oil for Skin Whitening: Is it Good? How to Use

Olive oil for whitening dark skin

Olive as used in ancient Egypt has continued to be an integral part of many skin care routines and products. Its properties make it very effective in skin whitening by reducing the appearance of dark circles, spots and other blemishes for brighter glowing skin. Here is how to use extra virgin olive oil for skin lightening with tips in Urdu.

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Milk of Magnesia for Weight Loss

Does it work?

Milk of magnesia weight loss is an interesting internet rumor that has been making round for a while now. Read our insight into this controversial topic and ascertain the truth behind the claims.

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