Customer Support Channels that Every Business Should be Using

Customer support is important for every business, and making available different channels to suit your customers is important for customer retention. There are lots of support channels that you can use for your business, but your support team may not have enough time to monitor them all. Continue reading to find out the most important channels to use and check this website for further insights on these support channels.

  1. Email

Email support is non-negotiable for every business that operates online. More than 90% of customers use their email daily, and it is an effective channel to connect with your customers.

  • Social Media

Everyone who spends time online uses at least one social media network, and they all check their accounts every day. Some social media platforms have automatic chat integrations that reply to messages automatically. Have your customer support team respond to inbox messages and public comments. It will also help if you checked this website for regular updates and insights on customer service channels.

  • Message Boards and Forums

A lot of companies have their customers active on various online forums. Sometimes, these customers lodge complaints and ask questions on these forums. You can create a thread where all questions can be sent to.

  • Phone Call

This is still the most preferred mode of communication for many customers. While there are easier channels, many customers still expect businesses to list contact phone numbers so they can speak to a support agent. Many customers prefer talking to a real person rather than sending messages because they believe many companies do not attend to these messages or emails.

  • Live Chat

Some customers are internet-savvy and prefer to chat directly with a customer support agent. It is by far the most convenient support channel as long as your customers are also mostly online and will utilize it. Using it for your business makes a great deal of sense. Check this website for more customer service tips.

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