Ways To Cope With Divorce During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is tough enough. Being pregnant while trying to work out details with a divorce and family law attorney is even tougher. It’s a reality for many women, however, so the question must be asked: what are some ways women can cope with juggling pregnancy and a divorce simultaneously? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today, along with some tips for navigating pregnancy leave issues, maintaining an emotional support network, and more.

Co-Parenting Is A Must

You’ll have to balance the very real and valid feelings you have against your ex-spouse with the fact that co-parenting is essential to raising your kid right. You might not get along with your ex-spouse, you might even despise them, but learning to cooperate for the sake of your child will go a long way to helping you cope. In addition, having someone else to share parental responsibilities will be helpful if you have issues with maternity leave after you give birth.

Establish A Routine

Since you will be sharing parental responsibilities, you’ll need to set some rules and expectations for how that will play out, and create a routine that will help establish normalcy — both through the divorce, and after. Make sure you cover a range of topics with your ex-spouse, including custody, child support, day care, visitation, and all those other important details surrounding your child.

Have A Financial Plan

Money woes can cause more than their fair share of stress, so nip that in the bud by having a financial plan set in place. You’re going to be a single parent, which means taking care of two. There are new expenses you’ll be responsible for, such as additional food, so you’re going to be in for a big change. Plan accordingly, and also look for ways in which you can trim the fat off of your budget.

Accept Support

You don’t have to shoulder all of your burdens alone. In fact, you’ll be stronger when you accept a helping hand from your support network, and allow them to fill some gaps while you have an opportunity to preserve some of your physical and mental energy. 

You’ll want to do whatever you can and rely on the help of whoever you can to keep your stress levels low. Remember, stress can have deleterious effects on your pregnancy and child, keeping calm and staying collected will be of great benefit to you and your family.

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