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Locksmith Services During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 is one of the world’s largest pandemics we’ve ever had to face. People have been staying inside their homes, protecting themselves and others from this horrific disease. However, this does not mean that businesses have stopped. People are taking precautions and still doing their jobs whilst following the SOP’s provided by the government. One of the running businesses is a locksmith. If you’re going to be staying inside your house for months, then you’re going to need extra protection. If your door locks don’t work properly, obviously you’re going to need someone to fix them. Here’s where the locksmith comes in handy. It is understood that people are advised to stay inside their houses and 5 feet apart from other people but if you need to hire a locksmith. The following are some of the things you need to know while getting locksmith services during COVID-19:

Locksmith services are taking precautionary measures and so should you: 

Locksmith is a whole market and every company, knowingly, is following the SOP’s in order to keep themselves and people around them safe. All the services are making sure that you’re getting their complete services with satisfactory results. They understand the importance of keeping everyone safe and if they so much as avoid any of the rules, they can be reported. Since your house security is top priority, you need to make sure that the locks being repaired/ new locks being inserted are completely reliable. Which is why, once the locksmith is done with their job, you should always check the locks properly before you let the locksmith go. This can be done from a distance and with protection! 

Staff is fully equipped and wearing masks and gloves: 

The first thing you need to make sure when you hire a locksmith during the pandemic is that are they wearing masks and gloves? We need to be sure that the locksmith is not only completely equipped to fix your lock but also is completely covered and not spreading any germs around your house door. Although the locksmith services are sending out their employees with complete coverage of face and hands, it’s always better to double check!

Be aware of the access control: 

Access control is to have complete control of the physical activity taking place in your private property. I.e: your home. The one thing you need to make sure when you’re letting someone else enter your home is to know your rights and be aware of how much you want the other person’s physical appearance inside your house. Due to technology, access control has become much easier. People use video cameras, smart phones, video calls etc to communicate with the person in business and get the job done. Similar is the case with locksmiths, if you don’t want a locksmith entering your house or you don’t want to go outside to keep a check on things. You can simply ask the person to turn on their video cameras and watch them from a distance. 

Knowing the basics: 

People often ask questions like “Where can I find a Locksmith Tribeca?” “Will the locksmith NYC be available at this hour?” “Is a locksmith secure?” “Will a locksmith cost more because of this pandemic?” In order to avoid these questions, you need to be aware of the basics: 

  • Just because there is a lockdown, it does not mean the charges of a locksmith would be increased. 
  • You can’t really put a pin on when you want to get your door lock repaired so most of the locksmith services are available 24 hours.
  • All the locksmith services are taking complete precautions and following all the SOP’s to ensure the safety and security of everyone including themselves. 

Essential locksmith services: 

Keeping in mind that everyone needs to be secure including the locksmiths, there are some essential locksmith services that are going to be available 24/7 while the others may not be available easily. The essential services are mentioned below: 

  1. Key Cutting
  2. Door Lock repairs
  3. Front and back doors not locking
  4. Opening locked doors if locked in
  5. Replacement locks if locked out or locked in
  6. Safe opening
  7. Lockouts if locked out of house
  8. 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Call Outs
  9. If you’ve lost your car/automobile keys 

Apart from all of this, you just need to be careful and take the right precautions to get anything done during this pandemic.  Stay healthy and safe! 

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