5 Plastic Surgery Trends That Come From Advancements in Technology

How has technology shaped the world of cosmetic surgery? Find out in this roundup of some of the biggest plastic surgery trends to watch.

Did you know that there were nearly 1.8 million plastic surgery procedures performed in 2018? With so many people getting plastic surgery done it’s no surprise that many of these procedures are thanks to technology advancements.

How exactly has technology changed the world of plastic surgery? Keep reading to learn about plastic surgery trends thanks to technology.

1. Botulinum Toxin 

The first cosmetic surgery to make it to our list is what is mainly known as Botox. This type of plastic surgery is not as invasive as other procedures and is extremely popular nowadays. 

Thanks to technology, surgeons are able to target a specific area for the patient and not worry about having any effects on other body parts.

2. Breast Augmentation

Although breast augmentation has been popular for quite some time, technology has helped with improving the procedure and giving patients a more natural look. this is called hybrid breast augmentation. This type of procedure allows the surgeon to work with transferring fat along with breast implants.

The combination of both gives the patient a more natural look vs the silicone method. 

3. Lip Lifts

Long gone are the days of awkward looking lips that have been injected and don’t look natural. Although fillers give the lips a fuller look, people have not been too keen on having bumps on their lips giving the lips a strange look.

Fuller lips have stayed in high demand but natural-looking lips has grown in demand as well. Technology has come to the rescue of the demand for a more natural look.

Lip lifts shortens the space between the top of the lips and the bottom of the nose. This gives the effect of fuller lips to allow the lip to fit the face instead of overwhelming the face. The surgeon carves out a strop of skin right below the nostrils to give the lift.

4. Nose Jobs

Although people have been getting nose jobs for quite some time now, technology has improved this type of plastic surgery. If you or anyone you know has had a nose job you are well aware of the downtime it causes. 

Thanks again to technology downtime is less and results are more precise than ever before. Surgeons are now performing ultrasonic rhino sculpture. The surgeon uses a device that looks like a probe and emits ultrasonic energy. 

5. 3D Face Lift

This surgery trend has gained popularity because they offer a less invasive experience. Less invasive in turn means less scarring. 

A 3D face lift plumps the face after the surgeon pulls tissue from inside the face back into the cheekbones. This leaves the patient with a more youthful look.

What Do You Think About the Latest Plastic Surgery Trends?

Now that you have learned about the latest plastic surgery trends, which one are you contemplating doing? Technology has helped advance many different things in our lives from the way we communicate to the way surgeons perform plastic surgery. 

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