Best Age Spots Treatment – Laser and Natural Treatments

Age spots treatment can help regain a youthful skin. The best age spot treatment options include laser treatments and natural treatments. To explore other choices on age spots on face treatment, one should go through their reviews to learn what meets their expectations

Best Age Spot Treatment

To be in a position to pick the best age spot treatment, there are things that one may have to consider. These are as discussed below. Where a person is seeking to save on cost used to treat the spots, it is best to use natural treatments for age spots. These make use of readily available products some of which one does not need to use any cash. One though would be required to be patient with these to see effects.

Brown blotches appear as age spots and need to be treated
Brown blotches appear as age spots and need to be treated.

Where one is looking for a quicker method that can be used even on the go, age spot creams would be the best treatment for them. These are convenient and require minimal time. One only needs to incorporate them into their daily skin care routine and wait for the results.

In case one is looking for a fast method to get rid of the spots, it is best to settle for medical procedures for the same. Chemical peels and dermabrasion will give almost immediate results. Once the skin has healed, the spots will be gone. Laser treatment may take more than one session but gradual results are visible from the first session. These are best for people with enough money to spare and people looking forward to maximum efficiency.

Age Spots on Face Treatment

To treat age spots on face, one has to bear in mind that this is a part of the body that can never be concealed with clothes. As such, it is important to invest in a quality form of treatment to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It is better to remain with the age spots than have a disfigured face.

There are facial age spot creams that can be of help. These are convenient and easy to use. One can choose between one to be used on the whole face and one meant for the spots alone. In case the spots are too many and the creams are not of any help, a medical procedure such as having a chemical peel could help. This gets rid of the top skin layer to reveal a new skin that is free from blemishes.

Laser Treatment for Age Spots

Laser treatment for age spots helps to banish any marks that may have come with age. Laser treatments are powerful tools that help to conduct various procedures and therapies so as to get rid of the blemishes. Specific types of lasers apply different light intensities to get rid of the age spots.

Each treatment session can take about an hour. This could be more or less depending on how many spots one has. The depth of penetration of the light will be determined by how dark and deep the spots are.  Different lasers will be suitable in different occasions. These will be determined by the dermatologist depending on severity and ones skin type.

Best age spots treatment before and after
Best age spots treatment before and after.

Natural Age Spot Treatment

There are a number of natural age spot treatment options. These make use of readily available products which contain skin lightening properties. These include:

Lemon juice: This is the most commonly used natural remedy for skin blemishes. It can be used to effectively lighten age spots. Extract fresh lemon juice and apply it on the spots. Since it is known to make the skin sensitive, this is best used at night. Remember to use sunscreen during the day to protect the treated skin.

Papaya: Raw papaya contains enzymes that play a part in skin lightening. Grate some and rub the paste on the spots. The same results will be achieved if one slices the papaya and rubs the pieces on the skin. You could also rub the inner parts of a ripe papaya on the spots.

Onions: Using onion juice will help to lighten the skin. This can be attained by blending onions and straining the juice or by slicing and rubbing the onion directly on the spots. Use over time, this will help attain great results.

Vinegar: This works by sloughing off the top skin layer. When applied on the spots, it gets  rid of the top layer of the skin which is where the spots are. Used consistently, this will help to give one a spotless skin.

Over the Counter Products for Treating Age Spots

There are many over the counter products that can be used on age spots. However, not all of them may work. It is also possible to have some that will work but cause harm on the skin. Before making a purchase, it is important to search for information regarding the product. Online reviews from both users and professional reviewers are resourceful in this. You can get all the information you need from them.

Age Spot Treatment Reviews

Although there are a lot of treatment methods available for age spots, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While age spots are cheap and can be used conveniently at home, they also take too long to work. The fact that one is not expected to plan for appointments could also be a misdoing. One may   fail to treat the spots as regularly as required. There also is no telling what will work for your skin.

Age spot creams provide a more portable solution. These are easy to use and convenient. They take little time as users only need to apply them as and when directed. Both over, the counter and prescription strength creams have these advantages. However, these as well take too long to work.

There also are some creams that may contain harmful ingredients. Although hydroquinone is allowed, it should only be in two percent concentration for over the counter products and up to four percent in prescription creams.

In medical procedures, one gets the best results. These also work faster than all other methods and are quite effective. These though are expensive. Since they are cosmetic procedures, health policies do not cover them. The procedures could also lead to more hyper-pigmentation problems if not done by a professional.

With these in mind, it is important to check out age spots treatment reviews before settling for a specific treatment from the three forms.

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