Best Anti Aging Tips – Makeup & Beauty Tips for Women

Fighting the signs of aging does not have to be a complicated affair. With these tips, you are going to remain looking young. Here, find out how from our best anti-aging makeup tips for women as well as beauty tips for a youthful skin.

Best Anti Aging Tips

The fight against the signs of aging should be holistic. It should not only dwell on the extrinsic aging signs but also mental and emotional well being of a person as they get old. To live a healthy life and keeping looking vibrant, one has to make conscious efforts. Below are some of the best anti aging tips that will help you keep looking and feeling young.

anti aging tips - Use antioxidants
anti aging tips – antioxidants

Brain Stimulation: When looking forward to living a long life, efforts should be made to ensure it is vibrant. A sharp and alert mind is necessary for this. Just like the body requires exercise to remain fit, so does the brain. To avoid being sluggish in thinking and ensure your memory remains alert, challenge the brain. Fill in some puzzles and read. Also try to be conscious of your surrounding in terms of sounds, smells, sight and feel. This will ensure that you keep what senses you have since you are using them.

Proper diet: It is advised that one consumes three servings of whole grains and five servings of fruits daily so as to acquire the necessary minerals, vitamins, and other micro nutrients. One should also take eight glasses of water.

The necessary calories should also be consumed. The right food will ensure that all the nutrients necessary to keep the skin healthy are available. It will also keep the body well hydrated and avoid one piling up weight. These will ensure one remains vibrant with age.

Get spiritual nourishment: Spiritual health has been shown to have a positive impact on physical health. It helps to reduce suffering as one prays, meditates and learns aspects such as forgiveness. Through spirituality, people learn how to be social as well as become happier. As a result, stress and depression are put at bay. This prevents one from exhibiting the signs of aging.

Make use of antioxidants: One great contributor to the aging of the skin is the presence of free radicals in the environment. These tend to be unstable electrons seeking to get paired so they can stabilize. Antioxidants neutralize these before they can cause any damage on the face.

They should be included both in the diet and in topical applications that we use regularly for the hands, face and skin. Green vegetables, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, purple and blue berries are among foods that contain them. Since the different foods contain different classes of antioxidants, they work synergistically to keep one looking healthy and young.

Supplement: Most of the times, our busy lifestyles take a toll on us and we fail to eat as we should. This is when anti aging supplements come in. one can take supplements for antioxidants and vitamins. These can help one look better but they should not be a substitute to healthy eating. One should try as much as they can to eat healthy.

Get enough sleep: Lack of enough sleep can precipitate ageing. People who sleep for less than six hours are at greater risks of catching diseases associated with aging. The brain also deteriorates at a faster rate than if you had enough sleep. Emotionally, sleep deficiency makes one prone to anger and less peaceful. To look good, have a positive mood and for the sake of longevity, get enough sleep.

Make use of anti-aging products: Fine lines, brown spots and wrinkles are some of the aging signs likely to start appearing at mid age. These are mostly caused by exposure to the harsh UV rays and free radicals. To avoid these or reverse any signs of aging, one can make use of anti-aging products. These will protect the skin from the causes of aging. Applying creams or  serums containing retinol and vitamins will go a long way in fighting aging signs.

If you have acne and dark spots, your face will definitely show signs of aging faster. Buy yourself one of these best face masks for acne and blackheads to get a clear skin that looks youthful.

Makeup Tips

how to prevent your skin from aging
young looking skin makeup tips

Makeup use can leave one looking older than they are or younger than they actually are. Conscious application of makeup can be used to take off some years from our faces. Below are some anti aging makeup tips to help you achieve this.

  • When applying makeup, less of it tends to bear more results. it is therefore important to take it easy. In case you want to conceal some lines, dark circles or sunspots, only dot some tiny bit of concealer on the spots and not all round. As long as the skin is well moisturized, the more of it you show the better. It will reveal a more youthful face as opposed to an overly covered up complexion.
  • For women who with age suffer dry skin, a cream blush may be better than powder. This should be applied lightly so as to give the face a healthy look as opposed to drawing attention to the makeup.
  • Taking care of the skin as you sleep will ensure you wake up to a youthful look. Apply anti aging night cream to get rid of fine lines and plump up the skin. This will brighten and even out the skin tone.

Beauty Tips

Taking good care of ourselves can help us delay the signs of aging. At times, it can also help reverse them. There are some anti aging beauty tips that one can apply so as the signs of aging do not become obvious.

  • Ensure that you get enough sleep. Plenty of sleep gives the skin enough time to repair itself. When one is sleep deprived, it is bound to show on the face.
  • Learn to artfully apply makeup. Drooping lids, dark under eyes as well as sunspots can be concealed. Makeup should help emphasize our great points while downplaying the weak points. Light colored and nude shades will work perfectly. Invest in the right concealers.
  • To protect the eye area, get yourself the right sized and rimmed sunglasses.
  • In case your skin is sensitive or if it is prone to acne, avoid beauty products that contain alcohol.
  • To protect your hands, make use of the same face product on them. Follow this up with Vaseline.
  • When choosing a sunscreen, pick one that is infused with antioxidants. This will ensure the skin is protected from free radicals.

Natural methods

While at home, it is possible to make use of natural anti aging tips. These make use of readily available products and are advantageous as they are less likely to react with the skin. Making use of anti aging tips at home also tends to save some money.

Tips for Women

Women are most conscious about aging. Any signs of aging can be quite depressing especially when they appear prematurely. To avoid these, below are some anti-aging tips for women that could help.

  • Photo-aging is one thing we should protect ourselves from always. Simply because the sun is not up when we commute to and fro work does not mean we are protected. UVA rays are unlike UVB light. They can travel through the windows of the car, the office and home. It is therefore advisable to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen always.
  • We are always advised to take a lot of water for healthy skin. However, we should be careful how we take it. Taking water from bottles aggravates any existing lines and also creates new ones around the mouth. One should take water from a glass and where that is not possible; carry a re-usable bottle that has a sprout. This ensures that one does not suck it up. Taking drinks with straws should also be avoided.
  • How we sleep and what we sleep on could cause wrinkles on our face. To avoid waking up with sleeping lines, lie on your back. If this is not possible, get smooth pillows. Silk and satin are great options.
  • Space heaters can also contribute to our fast aging. Wearing SPF does not protect us from its effects neither those of the fireplace. Sitting too close where we are directly exposed to the heat leads to a breakdown of collagen as well as redness. One should therefore sit at least ten feet away from them.

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