Best Body Wrap Kits – Walmart Stores and Homemade Kits

What are some of the best body wrap kits out there? This is one of the common questions that we keep getting from our readers. This article will take a brief look at the history of body wrap kits and highlight some of the best body wrap products that you can choose from.

Home Body Wrap Kits – How they Work

Although home body wrap kits are a relatively new concept, the art of body wrapping is not a new phenomenon.

Best Body Wrap Kits
USA Boot Camp Body Wrap Clay Kit

According to the Beauty Wrap website, the art dates back to centuries ago when Ancient Egyptians used compresses body wraps made from aromatic herbs to detoxify their bodies. Papyrus leaves were usually dipped in warm, natural detoxifying herbs which were then applied to the skin.

The art hit Europe in early 1960s and was to later make its way into Hollywood where it was offered by an increasing number of co-ed body wrap salons. Body wrapping however hit the mainstream beauty segment in the 90s when it began getting media attention especially from daytime talk shows.

Early body wraps used linen sheets as Susie Ellis, the president of SpaFinder, Inc, New York says. The term herbal wraps was mostly used back then and the term “body wraps” became popular in the 80 and 90s, being used “…to mean more than herbal wraps” as Susie put it. Plastic or thermal blankets were to finally phase off linen sheets.

Body wrap are in conventional sense used for purposes such as tighten loose skin, detoxifying the body, getting rid of cellulite and weight loss. There are spas and health clinics every where you look at offering this treatment.

This is how it typically goes: you are wrapped with bandages, seaweed, or mud (or clay) which has been dipped in herbs. You are then wrapped all the way from ankle to neck and remain as such for an hour or so before having the wrapping removed. And what follows this one hour session? You come out as a slimmer you with a firmer skin albeit temporary.

In addition to the health clinics, spa and salon body wrap treatments there are as well home body wrap kits nowadays with promises ranging from detoxifying and skin toning to – you guessed – weight loss. And with the price of body wrap treatments at spas and beauty clinics typically ranging to as much as $200 using a home body wrap kits can leave your wallet a few dollars thicker 🙂

Home body wrap kits typically use clay as a base because clay is known to draw impurities from the skin and often contains essential minerals that help to maintain healthy skin.

The clay usually works alongside numerous ingredients ranging from sea salts (helps in exfoliation, firming the skin and eliminating bacteria) and seaweed (rich in vitamins e.g. A, B1, C & E; calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) to Aloe Vera (moisturizes and soothes the skin) and herbs (to detox the skin).

How to choose Body Wrap Kits in Stores

Look around in online stores and you will come across dozens upon dozens of body wrap kits. And with all of them promising you to take your skin firming or weight loss goals to the next level, the question then is how you choose the right body wrap kits.

The first thing to consider when choosing body wrap kits in stores is the ingredients in a particular product.

No matter how exciting the idea of getting a better toned, firmer skin and a slimmer body (albeit temporary) is, you don’t want to compromise your health. Remember it is your body here that you are talking about so ensure that the ingredients in the product you choose are safe and pure.

An ideal product should also be easy to use. Price is yet another important factor to consider when choosing body wrap kits in stores, but you should nevertheless not compromise quality for low price. It is also prudent to look around for reviews of a product before buying it.

Best Body Wrap Kit: The Ultimate Body Wrap Before and After
The Ultimate Body Wrap Before and After

All said and done, always follow the instructions provided to the letter and if you have sensitive skin, consider seeking the advise of a dermatologist before using body wrap kits.

Body Wrap Kits Walmart

Using body wraps to detox and lose a few inches is an interesting prospect for lots of people but mixing clay and herbs is a hassle that most people would rather not have to contend with.

Luckily stores such as Walmart, Walgreens and gnc nowadays feature premade body wrap kits. As part of this research, I decided to do a search on Google using the phrase “body wrap kits Walmart” and this is how I came across The Belly Burner which had a rating of 3.9 out of 5 and a price tag of $15.43as at the time of this writing.

Best Body Wrap Kits

I searched around trying to unearth the best body wrap kits out there based on customer feedback, ease of use, price and desired results and most importantly, the ingredients and here are some of the products you may want to consider.

The Ultimate Body Wrap: if firming the skin is your goal, then you will want to consider The Ultimate Body Wrap which features seaweed to stimulate the body. It also contains Dead Sea mud and clays to hold in heat and enhance the effectiveness of the seaweed.

In addition to skin firming, this rave reviewed product also helps to get rid of cellulite and according to the manufacturer a 5 to 15 inch loss in just a single use is a realistic expectation.

Anti-cellulite Body Wrap Kit: This product also ranks among the best body wrap kits. Featuring Bentonite clay, seaweed, bladderwrack and sea kelp, the Anti-cellulite Body Wrap Kit is marketed as the perfect solution for cellulite.

In addition to these ingredients, it also comes with an Aloe Vera base which moisturizes and soothes the skin. The manufacturer claims that the product can a single wrap is enough to get some tangible results in as far as getting rid of cellulite is concerned.

Aloe Vera Detox Body Wrap Kit: comprising of numerous herbs in a clay base, this kit is marketed as a solution for appearance of cellulite in addition to stretch marks and scarring. The clay base helps to draw out impurities through sweating while the herbs in this product, such as Japanese green tea, work by stimulating the release of toxins. Irish moss is another important ingredient in this product which enhances circulation. The manufacturer claims a 4 inch loss at the very least in just a single wrap.

Body Wrap Kits for Weight Loss

Weight loss through body wrap kits appears to be a very controversial topic with some experts holding the opinion that the weight loss associated with the use of such wraps is due to loss of water from the body.

This however doesn’t seem to reverberate with all the people out there as there are certain products that seem to be getting rave reviews among their users. One such kit is the Boot Camp Body Wrap Kit which the manufacturer claims helps you to lose inches and firm loose skin in one hour.

This weight loss solution comprises of wrapping bandages and a half liter or 1 liter tub of clay derived from volcanic deposits and with a rating of 4.16 out of 5 based on 119 ratings, the Boot Camp Body Wrap Kit seems like a  good bet.

All in all, the use of body wraps for weight loss is one of those gray areas that leave you uncertain what side to take. Perhaps more scientific evidence and actual results from customers will shed more light in the future.

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