Best Facial Hair Removal for Women, Men & Sensitive Skin, Wax

Going for beauty products that are not high quality is gambling with one’s looks. You would never want to do this. Find out the best facial hair removal for women, the best  facial hair removal for sensitive skin, the best  at home facial hair removal and the best facial hair removal system.

Best Facial Hair Removal for Women

The best facial hair removal for women depends on what the targets for their undertaking the procedure are. For those looking for a quick long term solution, procedures conducted by the dermatologist would be the best. Electrolysis has the best track record in permanent facial hair removal. It also happens to be the only removal method using electric current that has been approved as having permanent results. This works for all skin tones and different hair color.

Laser hair removal procedures are also available in the dermatologist’s office. Removal through lasers lasts long and regular sessions will result in permanent removal of the facial hair. For long, lasers were only suitable for removal of dark hair on light skinned people. Advancements in technology have given rise to current lasers that are gentler and can be used by darker people and those who have light hair. These may require more sessions to be effective.

Where one is looking for the best facial hair removal for women based on cost effectiveness, the most appropriate option would be topical creams and home remedies. These methods are not only cheap but non-invasive too. They are also easy to use.

Best Facial Hair Removal for Men

Men’s facial hair tends to develop quite fast and happens to be coarse. For men who do not want to keep on using temporary removal methods, they can opt for more permanent solutions such as electrolysis and laser removal.

Best at Home Facial Hair Removal

Being in a position to get rid of facial hair at home relieves one the burden of having to visit the dermatologist and salons regularly. This saves one money as well Among the best at home facial hair removal methods include:

Depilatories: These are facial hair removal creams that are made up of a strong alkaline. This breaks the hair down making it easy to be wiped off. The chemicals used in some of these products may harm sensitive skin. It is therefore important to take precautions while purchasing them. Choose those meant for sensitive skin if you have one.

Threading: While this may be an ancient method, it can give great removal results which could last up to six weeks. It is cheap, quick and makes use of no chemicals. All one needs to do is catch the hair, twist it and pull the hair off.

Sugaring: This comes in two forms. One can either pick a gel or paste. Both make use of ingredients that are natural such as sugar, water and lemon juice. The method works in the same way as waxing but is gentler. One can make the paste at home by combining sugar, honey and lemon juice. This when applied on the hair will dry up and when pulled off come off with it.

Best Wax for Facial Hair Removal

The best wax for facial hair removal is one that comes with pre-waxed and pre-cut strips. This makes it easy and fast to use. Kits with this kind of wax are readily available in the market.  There are tons of them available in online stores as well.

Best Facial Hair Removal System

There are various beauty companies offering hair removal systems. A system is made up of facial hair remover products. The best facial hair removal system should be easy to use. It should also be effective in hair removal.

Olay’s Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo is one that is specially formulated. It is a two-step system that gets rid of any facial hair deemed stubborn in a gentle and effective way. One can have a fine to medium duo or a medium to coarse duo system. It will ensure that you are left with smooth skin that is hairless and beautiful. All this at a price nowhere close to the amount you would have to pay at the salon.  It comes with a skin guarding balm which makes skin less prone to irritation while the removal cream weakens hair to enable it to be easily wiped out.

No! no! Plus Hair Removal System is another great line of products that works by delivering gentle heat pulse over the skin. This crystallizes the hair immediately making it easy to remove it. This treatment is meant for salon and home use. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that it makes use of science to deliver excellent results.

The system is effective for both men and women and works well on any hair or skin type. It is specially designed to enhance flexibility which makes it easy to use on hard to use and sensitive skin areas. The levels of treatment are adjustable depending on the skin’s sensitivity.

Best Facial Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin

When a person with sensitive skin wishes to remove facial hair, the process can be a daunting task. This is so because they have to be conscious of what products they make use of. It is important to settle for the best facial removal for sensitive skin to ensure that the skin does not get irritated.

Where a person has reactions to most of the hair removal methods, the best facial hair removal for sensitive skin would be electrolysis. This gets rid of the hairs permanently and is appropriate for different skin colors and tones. The method uses three modalities which determine the potential side effects, discomfort and results. Having the method used by an experienced dermatologist can go a  long way in enhancing results and reducing skin reaction.

People with sensitive skin can shave off the unwanted hair. To prevent reactions, the right method and tools should be used. Since shaving does not pull the hair from the root and makes use of no chemicals, the results gained in sensitive skin may not be as traumatic as using other methods. Use the right shaving technique to achieve the best results that will not irritate your sensitive skin.

Sugaring is also appropriate for facial hair removal for sensitive skin. The product is made up of natural ingredients which reduce the chances of skin irritation. The sugaring paste can remove even very short hairs and from all directions. There is less pain and irritation with this method.


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