Homemade Body Wraps to Lose Inches on Stomach

What homemade body wraps to lose inches on stomach are there? Find DIY body wrap to lose inches on your stomach and any other problematic area. You do not have to use spa body wraps to lose inches because you can do it inexpensively at home.

There comes a time when you want to fit in a dress that is a size or two sizes smaller for a special event. The only way to lose weight effectively is through workouts and diet. If you have not been a faithful consumer of clean and lean diet that is also sugar free, you may have flabby skin that you may want to hide s o that you can look stunning in that event. It could be a date, a dinner at work, wedding, or a stop by the beach in a bikini suit with your lover hand in hand.

Homemade Body Wraps to Lose Inches on Stomach
Homemade Body Wraps to Lose Inches on Stomach

Whatever the case, having flabby skin is not attractive. This is not according to me, but the media. The media has set the agenda on what is attractive, sexy and beautiful. If you cannot accept yourself as you are, you will fall for anything that promises to keep you slim without working hard. Going back to the sexy self you want to achieve for that event you must make an effort to get ready to fit in that particular dress. How do you do it since you cannot lose weight overnight.

Body wraps seem to be the answer to your predicament. Do body wraps work to lose weight? You can use homemade body wraps to lose inches just in 45 or 60 minutes time in the comfort of your home.  Here are DIY body wrap to lose inches recipes and ideas. Have fun wrapping!

Do Body Wraps Work to Lose Inches?

Even with this option of body wraps being available to make you fit in your smaller sized dress, you may still  find yourself wondering, do body wraps work to lose inches? This is what you should expect when you go to get a body wrap.

A concoction of herbs, minerals or oils will be applied on your body or bandages will be dipped in these solutions and then used to wrap your body. The application will take place after your measurements of the targeted area are taken. This is to ensure that you note the difference after the wrap.

After that, you be given a sauna suit and go work out on an elliptical machine or relax under a thermal blanket. Whatever the case, the wrapping will make you sweat considerably.

Do body wraps work to lose inches? The sweating is what makes you lose inches on the targeted area. When doing it at home, you may have to relax in the bathtub or a flat surface covered with protective sheet for a whole hour to avoid messing up the whole place.

Homemade Body Wraps to Lose Inches

Going to the spa can be expensive, but you can save greatly from having your own solution made at home with ingredients from the grocery store or those you already have in the house. Homemade body wraps to lose inches can also be fun because you get to experiment on different kinds of recipes and ideas, which work best for your needs.

Most wrappers will commonly use oils, minerals and herbal body wraps. It is upon you to select what suits your skin needs since the solution goes to your skin and not through the skin to your body. However, if you plan to use an herbal body wrap and are on medication, do consult with your doctor first to find out if there any implications from using the herbal wrap solution. You can try different solutions as often as you like as long as you are not allergic to any.

Body wraps to lose inches before and after
Body wraps to lose inches before and after.

Furthermore, use ingredients depending on the condition of your skin as well. If you have stretch marks and cellulite for example, you may find your skin is improved by using oil-based solutions. On the other hand, if you have acne on your back and chest, using antimicrobial ingredients and deep pore cleansing ingredients such as clay would benefit your problematic skin greatly.

It would be better to concentrate on the areas you want to make use of homemade body wraps to lose inches instead of doing a whole body wrap. However, wrapping your whole body can also benefit your skin by keeping it deeply moisturized.

Applying the body wrap solutions can be a messy affair, therefore, you had better keep the bathroom all to yourself for at least two hours. If you have two bathrooms in the house, let the other occupants in your house use one and you the other one. However, do make sure that the one you choose has a bathtub or enough space where you can spread a sheet on the floor as you work the solution on your body.

You may find it better to ask for assistance since you cannot get all the areas of your body effectively with the solution and wrapper incase of a full body wrap. Therefore, ask a friend or even your spouse to help you so that the treatment can be successful.

Work the wrap from your ankles all the way up to your neck. Do not leave your arms as well except your hands, feet and face. If you must wrap a flabby area on your face, say under the chin, for example make sure your skin is not sensitive and that you use friendly ingredients.

DIY Body Wrap to Lose Inches Recipes

In most spas, you will probably not find out the ingredients going into your body wrap solution. However, DIY body wrap to lose inches you add each ingredient you love and in the amount, you prefer if it is good for your skin.

Here are some DIY body wrap to lose inches recipes that could make your wrapping successful. Make sure that you take your measurements before applying and after unwrapping to verify if you have lost any inches.

Recipe 1

  • ¼ cup Slim Sassy Oil Blend
  • Add coconut oil or any other carrier oil and slather it on your body

Directions: Use a muslin or clingy plastic bag before putting the elasticized bandages over the plastic

Recipe 2

  • Epsom salts enough to fill your palm- they are not just good for exfoliating, but also Epsom salts baths
  • Vitamin E oil enough to cover the part you want to lose inches

Directions: use the Epsom salts to exfoliate the part of body you want to lose skin.  Do not wipe off the salts, but just rub them on your skin until there are no more particles of the salts. Grab the vitamin E oil and slather it on the skin liberally. Cover the area with a clingy plastic bag before using ace bandages over it.

Recipe 3

  • 1 cup bentonite clay
  • ¼ cup dead sea salts or Epsom salts
  • 2tbsp olive oil
  • 1 green tea bag
  • 3 cups water

Directions: boil the water and add the tea bag, then dissolve the salts and add the rest of the ingredients. Turn off the stove when the solution becomes paste form; wait for it to cool before slather it on your body.

You can also choose to add essential oils of choice to these DIY body wrap to lose inches recipes.

Home Spa Body Wraps to Lose Inches – FAQS

Here are some frequently asked questions about home spa body wraps to lose inches.

Do Body Wraps Work to Lose Inches
Do Body Wraps Work to Lose Inches?

How long should I stay wrapped up?

You should stay wrapped up for 45 to 60 minutes. Since this is a long time, you may want to read a book, sleep or exercise as you wait for the time to elapse.

About how many inches will I lose from the home spa body wraps to lose inches?

You can lose a total of 6-20 inches that from all areas on your body. If it is, just a specific part like the stomach 1-2 inches is achievable.

Is the inch loss permanent?

Unfortunately, you lose water weight and fat. Therefore, as soon as you drink up the amount of lost water you will recover the inches once more.

How long do the results of home spa body wraps to lose inches last?

You will have the inch loss results for one to two days. A body wrap is best when you have a special event where you want to look sassy and sexy.

Stomach Wrap to Lose Inches

The problematic area for most people is the stomach. If you are not dealing with a fat belly then you are certainly dealing with love handles. What causes love handles is the accumulation of fat and not necessarily water. Therefore, try to clear them with stomach wrap to lose inches is just temporary.

If you want to lose the fat, you must workout in the gym or at home to burn it. Stomach wrap to lose inches are however, beneficial when you want to fit in that sexy dress which is a size smaller than you are. You will get to fit in the dress after the wrap, but after eating and drinking from the party if you do workout regularly and eat healthy foods you will forever have a chubby stomach.

Body lotion alone has made some wrappers lose inches on the stomach. Just grab any lotion you have in the house and slather it on your belly liberally. Get a cling plastic bag and wrap it around your abdomen. Use an elastic bandage or an old t-shirt over the plastic bag. Do not forget to take your measurements before wrapping and after wrapping and probably take pictures of yourself to see if there is any big difference.

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