Cradle Cap Eyebrows – How to Treat and Remove

Getting cradle cap on any part of the face can be unsightly. Cradle cap eyebrows require fast intervention to keep one looking good. Find out how to treat cradle cap on eyebrows as well as how to remove cradle cap from eyebrows.

Cradle Cap Eyebrows

Cradle cap affects different parts of the body. The affected area is normally covered with white or yellow scales. With time the scaly patches may look greasy.  In extreme cases, it may get itchy and sore. The symptoms of cradle cap tend to get better in the summer but flare up in the winter.

Cradle cap eyebrows of baby
Cradle cap eyebrows of baby.

Although cradle cap is mostly centered on the scalp, it is also possible to get cradle cap eyebrows. This manifests itself as some white flakes which are formed through the accumulation of dead skin cells. This could also extend to form in the ears and the chest.

There are no clear causes of cradle cap that have been advanced. It is however possible that it is caused by a type of yeast called Malassezia. This is always present on our skin but could overgrow when conditions are favorable. This leads to the condition. Other things that could influence one having it is neurological diseases as well as some medication. In infants, it is suspected that these form when the mother passes on some hormones to the unborn baby in the last months.

Cradle cap eyebrows do not affect the eyes. The crusts if not given attention may however harden. In case it is severe, this may cause problems to the newborn and they may have problems opening their eyes. This though is a rare occurrence.

Treatment for the condition is no different from that of cradle cap on the scalp. Shampoos and creams can go a long way in getting rid of it. In case it is only mild, one could massage baby oil on the area to loosen up the flakes. Olive oil for cradle cap treatment is also quite effective.

In case at home remedies do not work, it is best to see a doctor. They will look at the condition and suggest a remedy strong enough to take away the crusts. It is also advisable to try out different remedies to see what works for an individual.

How to Treat Cradle Cap on Eyebrows

In case you are wondering how to treat cradle cap on eyebrows, there are various options to pick from. Since different types of skin react differently to various treatments, one could experiment with different forms to see what gives the best results. How effective a method is may also be determined by the severity of the condition.

Eyebrows with cradle cap
Mostly, babies will have cradle cap on face for it to appear on the eyebrows.

When applied on the cradle cap, baby oil helps in loosening the flakes. This softens the flakes and makes detaching the crusts easy as well. As a result, it becomes easy to get rid of the condition when done frequently and in the right way.

In case various forms of oils do not work, using a mild baby shampoo could help.  The reason why a mild shampoo is necessary is because those containing harsh chemicals such as irritants, perfumes and detergents could worsen the condition. Wash the eyebrows well using the shampoo while ensuring it does not get into the eyes. You could also make use of tearless shampoo. Once shampooing is done, make use of a cradle cap brush to rub the eyebrows. Using circular motion to massage the area will help to make loose the scales.

The above treatments will help treat mild cases of cradle cap eyebrows. In case one has a severe case, stronger remedies may be the only way on how to treat cradle cap on eyebrows. Face treatment of the skin condition can be done using prescriptions of antibiotics and steroid creams. In case it does not respond to these, it is best to see a doctor. A dermatologist will ensure that they investigate the condition farther to eliminate other possible causes.

When using shampoos on the eyebrows it is important to take care not to get it into the eyes. One could also counter its negative effects by diluting it before use. Mix it with an equal amount of water. After that, make use of a cotton ball to apply it on the eyebrows. This will go a long way in preventing the baby from getting irritated in case the shampoo got into the eyes.

How to Remove Cradle Cap from Eyebrows

There are a number of ways that one can employ on how to remove cradle cap from eyebrows. To do this efficiently though, the affected area ought to be treated to loosen the flakes. This makes it easy and safe to lift off the crusts from the skin.

To make the eyebrows moist, on could make use of a mineral oil. Apply this on the eyebrows and leave it on to soak. One could also clean up the area using shampoo. Soak a cotton ball in it and rub around the brows. These should leave the area moist enough.

You can remove cradle cap on eyebrows when bathing your baby.
You can remove cradle cap on eyebrows when bathing your baby.

Once done, it is now time to remove the cradle cap. This can be done using bare hands. Massage the area in slow circular motions. This will help to detach the scales from the skin. After this one can gently remove them from the surface of the skin.

Another way to remove it would be using a cradle cap brush. This is normally gentle enough and is used to loosen the cradle cap from the skin. Use it to massage the affected area. This will not only loosen up the condition but also lift off the scales from the skin. By so doing, the symptoms of the condition are relieved.

While removing cradle cap, it is important to avoid picking the scales before they have been loosened up. This could cause damage to the skin especially if it is being done to a kid. Removal of the flakes should be done after the skin has been moistened well enough and the flakes have been detached from the skin.

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