How to Make Thin Hair Thicker for Men – Grow and Make Thin Hair Appear Thicker

Is it possible to grow and make thin hair appear thicker? How do you make thin hair thick? For tips, tricks and treatments on how to make thin hair thicker for men and women read on and find out what works and what does not work to get thick hair.

  • How to make thin hair thicker and fuller
  • What makes thin hair thicker?
  • Can you make your hair thicker?

Thinning hair or hair fall is frowned at because it leaves the impression either you have a major health condition or you do not eat right. However, those are just impressions and not the reality. Your hair could be thinning due to how you treat it on daily basis. Similarly, you hair could also thin because of the harsh chemicals you use on it. On the other hand, your hair could become thin due to certain medications you are using. The list of causes for thinning hair is quite long.

Instead of worrying about the cause, you should be concerned about how to stop the thinning and make your hair grow thicker. It does not take rocket science to make thin hair thicker as you will soon find out in this article. How to grow and make thin hair appear thicker requires just a change of how you treat your hair on daily basis. How to make thin hair thicker is easy for both men and women.

How to Make Thin Hair Thicker Naturally

It is possible to make hair appear fuller naturally with foods and this should be your first step on how to make thin hair thicker naturally. You have to be mindful of what you eat because your diet plays a great role in making your body organs function properly, including your scalp from where the hair grows from.

Therefore, if you want to maintain growth on hair that is thicker, you have to eat more of proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your food should be balanced while putting more emphasis on proteins and vitamins from fruits and vegetables of different colors and kinds. How to make thin hair thicker naturally with diet will of course not happen overnight, but as soon as your blood begins to assimilate the vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iron and calcium, your hair will begin to grow stronger.

Home remedies for thicker hair also come in handy when you do not want to make use of expensive treatments, which rarely have natural ingredients. The use of egg masks and fruit masks of avocado and bananas is very natural. Similarly, using water from soaked fenugreek seeds to rinse your scalp and hair is also natural and healthy and could even get you thick hair.

 How to Make Thin Hair Thicker For Men – Tips

When it comes to men, hair should be a priority because they get not only to grow hair on the head, but also on the face. How to make thin hair thicker for men consequently is two way. They have to learn how to grow thicker facial hair and fuller hair on the head. This is a dream that can be achieved by first working with what you have.

You have to safeguard the thin hair you have if you want thickness on your mane by eating a healthy diet of mostly proteins, fruits and vegetables. If you do not love cooking, you may have to supplement some of the vitamin nutrients. A simple multivitamin can do wonders.

How to make thin hair thicker for men also requires that you choose wisely the products that you use on your hair. When buying your hair products, you should concentrate on finding natural ingredients in your products. Furthermore, if you are selecting shampoos, avoid those with sulfates, parabens and silicones. Expand your horizon of products also to not just shampoos, but also creams and sprays that can give you thick hair.

When it comes to shampooing your hair do it every 2 or 3 days using cold water. If you cannot stand cold, try tepid water. However, never use hot water on your hair as it can be drying to your hair leading to more breakage and thinning.

Your drying technique should be in a way that it does not torture your thin hair. Instead of rubbing roughly with your towel, dab your head dry, or simply air dry. Furthermore, do not attempt to comb your hair while still wet. It will lead to more thinning of hair. When combing also make use of a comb with wide teeth or your fingers if possible so that you leave the thin hair intact and create an impression of thickness with the comb.

If you are a smoker, you may have to go slow on the cigs because they can be bad for not only your lungs, but your mane as well. If thicker hair cannot motive it you to quit smoking, then let the health of your lungs do because you cannot get a replacement.

How to make thin hair thicker for men is also possible with professional haircuts. Ask your barber to give you a haircut that will not focus so much on thinning, but will camouflage it. A prior discussion with the barber before you get the cut will ensure that you get a style that suits your head, hair and style.

If worse comes to worst, how to make thin hair thicker for men may require surgery, a laser comb or micro hair tattooing if you are too chicken for surgery. Surgery works best if you have balding, but micro hair, tattooing can help you hide the thin hair as you go on about eating a healthy diet to prevent hair loss.

How to Make Thin Hair Thicker for Women

For most women, how to make thin hair thicker for women requires the use of vitamins. While some are harmless, others could cause adverse complications. Prenatal vitamins are among those taken to make hair thick.  However, they are meant for women who wish to become pregnant.

If you have to use prenatal vitamins, talk to your doctor first. This is because most add folic acid and iron to the blood if you are already have sufficient of these nutrients, taking the prenatal pills could make you have excess of these nutrients in the blood. Too much of anything is of course toxic.

Think carefully if you want how to make thin hair thicker for women with prenatal vitamins. Several other hair growth pills could give you thick hair, but consulting with a doctor first is advisable. This will enable to the doctor to rule out if you have any nutrient deficiencies.

How to Make Thin Hair Grow Thicker

As much as you will try anything under the sky to make your thin hair grow thicker, you have to understand that hair thickness is genetically determined. Your hair follicles were formed when you were in your mother’s womb and therefore, there is nothing you can do to change their size.

However, you can maintain the health of your hair follicles by eating foods rich in protein and the B, C, & E vitamins among others. Similarly, you should ensure a clean scalp always with natural products so that oil buildup cannot clog the pores on your scalp. Clogged pores can become infected with sebaceous cysts and cause your hair to be thinner on the head.

How to Make Thin Hair Appear Thicker

The use of a healthy diet and home treatments will not give you instant results for fuller hair. Similarly, if you opt for surgery, you may have to wait for a full year to see results. Micro hair tattooing may also not camouflage your thin hair in the best way possible.  Hair thickeners also give a temporary impression of fuller hair a day or two.

When all else fails, how to make thin hair appear thicker is possible with extensions, wigs, and fake beards. It sounds ridiculous, but there comes a point where one needs to show their best side and only a weave or extension can come to the rescue. For men who are dying for facial hair, it is possible to fake a moustache or side burns.

The hairpieces that make up the extensions, wigs and beards are made from synthetic materials or from real human hair. Their prices are dependent on the quality. How to make thin hair appear thicker by faking with these pieces should be done with a lot of expertise. If you cannot do it on yourself, let a professional fix them for you before you end up looking appearing fake.

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