How to Stop Sweaty Hands Naturally and Fast

Wondering how to stop sweaty hands? Well, this may be as easy as adopting various lifestyle measures and using simple home remedies, but in some cases, medical treatment or natural fixes may be necessary. Below, learn how to fix sweaty palms fast and at home by yourself.

What Does Sweaty Hands Mean?

What is the meaning of sweaty hands?  Why do I get cold sweaty hands that become clammy? If you are wondering what those sweaty palms means to your health, and perhaps worried that it could be an indication of a more serious medical condition, then you should know that symmetrical excess sweating (affecting both hands and sometimes armpits and soles) only means that your sweat glands are overactive or more sensitive than normal.

How to stop sweaty hands
Antiperspirant can help as a fix for palmar hyperhidrosis.

Sweaty hands are usually not an indication for a more serious medical condition, but the condition can be distressing and embarrassing and may interfere with your social life.

Luckily, the condition may improve over time in some cases. It may also benefit from various lifestyle tweaks and medical treatment interventions. These are discussed in subsequent sections of this article.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands – Prevent Sweaty Palms

Also referred to as palmar hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of hands is a pesky, embarrassing and confidence-killing problem that may not only disrupt your social life but also daily activities.

For example, the sweat from your hands may end up dripping on and messing your work documents. Here is how to stop sweaty hands:

Antiperspirants: Your first line of action for fixing palmar hyperhidrosis is to use antiperspirants. Yes, although they are most commonly used on the armpits, antiperspirants can as well help to reduce excessive sweating of the hands as the Mayo Clinic says.

Start by trying an over-the-counter antiperspirant product. Look for products that contain aluminum salts such as aluminium zirconium, as one of the ingredients. You will also want to choose products whose label indicates that it dries clear.

Are your hands this sweaty. Here's how to fix sweaty palms naturally at home
Are your hands this sweaty? Here’s how to fix sweaty palms naturally at home

It is advisable to use the antiperspirant when you are just about to go to bed; wash your hands before applying the antiperspirant to avoid skin irritation and wash the product off your skin as soon as you wake up.  If the over-the-counter products don’t help, you may then want to get stronger formulation prescription antiperspirants.

Iontophoresis: If antiperspirants prove ineffective in treatment of those sweaty palms, a procedure known as iontophoresis may then be considered.

This involves electrical stimulation whereby the hands (or feet for that matter) are put in a small pan filled with water before passing a small electric current through the water using a special medical device. In some cases, glycopyrronium bromide is added to the water to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

With a success rate of 83 percent according to The American Academy of Dermatology, this treatment is usually very effective, but how exactly it works is not well understood; it is thought to help block the sweat glands.

3 to 4 treatment sessions lasting 20 to 40 minutes each are usually given each week. Most patients record significant improvement in 6 to 10 sessions. It is also common to follow up with 1 treatment after a period of 1-4 weeks thereafter for optimum results.

The only downside of iontophoresis is that it may cause dry or sore mouth and throat and dizziness in some patients. These side-effects may last for as long as 24 hours after each treatment session.

Although iontophoresis is commonly given at a doctor’s office or hospital, but these days you can as well buy a small iontophoresis kit for home use. You should however talk to your doctor before you start using such a kit.

Oral medication: Another way on how to stop sweaty hands is that your doctor may prescribe oral medication such as anticholinergics to reduce sweating.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Such medicines typically work by blocking the chemicals that facilitate the communication between certain nerves, but on the downside, they can cause side-effects such as dry mouth, bladder problems and blurred vision.

Surgery: Surgery may be considered as a last option if the above treatments have proven ineffective for palmar hyperhidrosis or have been found to cause undesirable side-effects.

One commonly used surgical option for sweaty hands is to cut the spinal nerves that control palmar sweating, medically referred to as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.

The major downside of this procedure is that it may trigger compensatory sweating, that is an increase in sweating in other parts of the body – usually the groin or chest – as the Mayo Clinic points out. It may also affect sexual function in some patients.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands Naturally

As for those looking to learn how to stop sweaty hands naturally, here are a few options you may want to use at home:

Alcohol remedy for stopping sweaty palms
Alcohol remedy for stopping sweaty palms

Wash regularly to stop excessive sweating of hands: Washing your hands regularly help to wash off the sweat. After washing, dry them through with a towel.

Soaking the hands in water for 30 minutes can also help to reduce sweating since water is a natural astringent according to a book called “Symptoms: Their Causes and Cures” which is available from Prevention Health Books.

The benefits for this treatment are however rather short term, usually lasting for about 3 hours.

Tea soaks: The tannins found in tea are natural astringents that can help to tighten the pores on your palms and reduce excessive sweating of the hands as The People’s Pharmacy says. Now that is a good step on how to stop sweaty hands.

To use this remedy to stop excessive sweaty palms naturally:

–          Place 5 tea bags in 1 litre of boiling water

–          Remove the tea bags after 5 minutes

–          Soak your hands in the tea solution (after it has cooled of course) for 30 minutes

–          Repeat every night until you have achieved significant improvement

Witch hazel: Witch hazel also has astringent properties that may be beneficial to sweaty palms. Using this natural remedy is as easy as wiping your hands with small cotton ball that has been dampened with witch hazel.

Note however that witch hazel can be particularly drying to your hands and should not be used as an everyday therapy; instead use it only when going to a place where wet palms may be an issue.

You may as well want to use the following natural remedies to stop sweaty hands:

  • Alcohol: Rub alcohol on your hands using a small cotton ball (use this occasionally as it can be very drying to your skin)
  • Vinegar: Rinsing with your hands with dilute vinegar (1 part water and 1 part water) can also help to reduce sweating of the palms
  • Talcum powder may also help to absorb sweat when sprinkled on lightly sweating hands but it might not be a good option for very sweaty hands as it can make them look very mess in addition to irritating them.
  • Baking soda for sweaty hands: Sprinkling some baking powder may also help to improve palmar hyperhidrosis.

How to Fix Cold Sweaty Hands

Are you wondering how to fix a “cold sweaty handshake” as one of our readers describes her condition?  Here’s how to fix cold sweaty hands fast.

Well any remedy that helps to close the pores and reduce sweating is a good option, but continuous use of harsh treatments such as alcohol and witch hazel may help the condition but leave your hands begging for moisture.

These might nevertheless be good options for one-off situations e.g. when going for an interview, especially if the sweating doesn’t normally bother you.

Otherwise, you may want to try your hands on an over-the-counter antiperspirant. You can get one at your local drugstore.

As for stubborn cases of sweaty palms, you may want to discuss options such as prescription antiperspirants, oral medications, iontophoresis, and surgery with your doctor, all of which are discussed above as ways on how to stop sweaty hands.

How to Stop Sweaty Hands Fast, Overnight

Can you stop sweaty hands fast at home? Most home remedies for hyperhidrosis require consistent use over a period of time in order to achieve the desired results. If you are looking to stop sweaty hands overnight, then home remedies may not be for you.

Your safest bet would be to look for over-the counter antiperspirants. Look for a product that contains aluminum salts e.g. aluminium zirconium. If that fails to improve your condition, talk to your doctor about prescription antiperspirants which usually have stronger formulation.

How to Stop Sweaty Palms When Holding Hands and Gaming

“I have lately noticed this drippy feel when holding hands and playing games on my play station. What is the best way to stop this?” Alvin

Holding hands limits the flow of air over the palms which can cause sweat buildup. Gaming on the other hand involves a lot of “hand-work” and sometimes anxious situations. The two may work together to create a perfect condition for excessive sweating of palms.

Stopping this is as easy as applying an over-the-counter antiperspirant. You may also want to sprinkle some baby powder. This helps to absorb the sweat but may not be appropriate if going outside since it leaves your hands with a whitish-look.

Tea soaks may also help and so can swabbing some alcohol or witch hazel to stop sweaty hands, but keep in mind that alcohol and witch hazel can leave your skin very dry if used too often.

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