Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Cost, Reviews in NJ, NYC & Miami

Is nail fungus laser treatment effective? Are there any positive reviews from satisfied patients of laser treatment to get rid of nail fungus? How much does nail fungus laser treatment cost in major cities of NYC, NJ and Miami?

Imagine wearing closed shoes in summer when the heat is at maximum just because you have discolored toenails. It would be torture on top of your already suffering toenails. The fact that they have a green, black, yellow, purple or white discoloration means that they have a fungus infection.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment procedure
Nail Fungus Laser Treatment procedure

The more you hide the toes in closed shoes, the more the spores continue to thrive and you could be dealing with multiple infections if you do not treat the first one. Knowing what causes nail fungus before anything else, will help you prevent it in the future.

Various OTC nail fungus treatments claim to be the best and can help you in this predicament. However, it takes religious application in order to see results, which are not guaranteed. Prescription medications are effective for curing fungus, but most people avoid them because of the damage they can cause to the liver, kidney, skin and bone marrow. With regular tests however, there are no major issues with these drugs. Furthermore, if you are planning to have a nail fungus laser treatment, you may have no choice, but to use some prescription topical medications if you want the fungus to go away for good. What does toenail fungus laser treatment entail and how much does it cost? Find out shortly.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Effectiveness

Laser treatment to cure fungus makes use of light energy, which is directed on the fingernails or toenails with the infection. There are various types of these light energies and are kept at a distance of 6 inches from the infected nail. Consequently, the energy targets the fungus spores and destroys it completely.

Although the results are not seen immediately, the will be there after 6-12 months when a new nail grows. You may require one or many sessions in order to destroy the fungus in your nails. Nail fungus laser treatment effectiveness ranges between 80% and 90%.

Laser Nail Fungus Removal Treatment Reviews

Do not book an appointment with a podiatrist or dermatologist without first looking at various reviews online. Laser fungus removal reviewers have experienced first hand and therefore can only narrate as it happened. These reviews should help you make a sensible decision when you go to various offices looking for the laser treatment to cure your nail fungus.

Here are different laser nail fungus treatment reviews from different people:

“I have had a total of 5 laser treatments in the past 24 months, have used Formula 3 daily, have had 8 visits to the Podiatrist, paid approximately $1400 out of pocket and have seen very little improvement in correcting my toenail fungus problem. This is extremely disappointing! I think I am going to try the Vicks Vapo Rub therapy and see how that works. I am a very active 49 year old male, and in my opinion, do not waste your hard earned $$ on the laser treatment!!”(

“I did not want to take the pills due to the side effects. I tried laser treatment at a local laser therapy clinic. It did take months for the new nails to grow out, but the effect is good and I have no fungus now. I’m very careful to not get a re-infection. There is no treatment can cure nail fungus once for all.” (

“It’s been four months since I got my laser treatment done…. my toenail is growing beautiful and healthy!….This is my second time I got this laser done and it’s working with me :)… ….it takes long for toe nail to regrowth so be patient people before leaving negative reviews” (

As you can see, the laser nail fungus treatment reviews are both negative and positive just like OTC treatments. If you want to back out from laser treatment, here are some best nail fungus treatment reviews to help you find an ideal topical ointment or cream.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment and Procedure

Toenails are the common culprits of fungus and if you are not careful when treating them, you may transfer the infection to your fingernails. Unlike fingernail fungus infection, toenail fungus takes time to heal. This is why toenail fungus laser treatment marks the end of the spore battle.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment - before and after pictures
Nail Fungus Laser Treatment – before and after pictures

When you book an appointment with a podiatrist or dermatologist, he or she analyzes your infected toe to see where the fungus has struck. Once the spot is established, the doctor decides how many shots of light energy to give to your toes. The bigger the toe, the higher the number of pinpricks of light energy to be directed. For example, the big toes may take 400 shots of energy each, while the smallest take 100 to kill the fungus.

Toenail fungus laser treatment can take place during lunch break from your work schedule because it takes about 20-30 minutes for consultation and the whole procedure. The podiatrist or dermatologist does not apply any anesthetic. Therefore, you cannot get new infections from the treatment neither can you experience pain. The only discomfort you feel is of the pinprick from the laser, which causes a mild warming sensation. This is something you can live with unlike toenail surgical removal.

The fungus on your toenails will have been zapped after the 30 minutes, but this does not mean that you cannot get new infections in the future if you do not change your lifestyle. You will have to keep your toenails completely dry after showers. Similarly, you will have to wear cotton socks to soak up any sweat from your feet.

Changing socks on daily basis is also an advisable move if you want the fungus to stay at bay after the toenail fungus laser treatment. Furthermore, you will have to buy a steri shoe, which use UV light to sterilize the inside of your shoes.

After the laser treatment, you may have to use topical creams as well as you wait for the new nail to grow out. This is in order to avoid re-infecting your toes.

How Much Does Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Cost?

The cost of toenail fungus laser treatment is dependent on the severity of the infection and the number of sessions you may require to kill all the spores. If you have early symptoms of the fungus, you may pay less unlike when you have a fully developed infection. Furthermore, a mild case may require just one laser treatment while an advanced case may require three or more sessions.

Where you decide to have the treatment also matters because prices vary from one city to the next.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Miami

Nail fungus laser treatment Miami ranges from $600-$1200. You can find out the cheapest from a clinic that will answer all your questions and give you proper aftercare. Reading various reviews about clinics in Miami offering the treatment would give you an advantage for find the best.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment NYC

Toenail fungus laser treatment NYC is one of the priciest ranging from $800-$1500. This may be the price for three sessions or a single one depending on the location of the clinic in New York City.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment NJ

In New Jersey, you can expect to pay $750-$1200 for one to three toenail fungus laser treatments. However, you will have to ask around if you want the best toenail fungus laser treatment NJ deal. In the same city you could still find clinics offering for much less, however, let the reviews of those clinics help you make a decision on where to go.

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