How to Get Pink Lips Naturally

Pink lips that look natural are the dream of every girl. In this article, learn how to get pink lips with natural home remedies and easy tips to have hot pink lips, bright pink, pale pink lips and soft baby pink lips below.

  • How can I get pink lips naturally?
  • What are the best home remedies for pink soft lips?
  • What causes lips to turn pink?

    Sexy and kissable lips
    Sexy and kissable lips

Pink lips will always make your smile charming. So, what do you do when your lips are dark, very pale and not appealing at all? Is it possible to make dark lips pink? With simple routine practices at home, you can have hot and soft lips.

Pink Lip Types and How to Have Pretty Pink Lips

There are different types of lips, but when it comes to pink soft lips, we are talking about different shades of pink. For instance, natural lips that appear pink are those without any pink lip stain on them. You simply make them naturally pink. On the other hand, you can use lip makeups such as pink lipsticks, lip stains or even tinted lip gloss to make lips pink. Nude lipsticks are also used to make lips change to pink.

But what if you just want to get natural light pink, baby pink, hot pink lips that are sexy, full and kissable? Below are the different pink lip types and how to have them. Try frosted pink lipstick too. Best pick is Mac Cosmetics Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Almond Blossom.

Light Pink Lips – How to Get Pale Pink Lips

Light pink lips, or pale pink are more suitable for girls with a light skin tone. If your lips are darker than your skin, you can lighten them by using pink lipsticks and other makeups. A good choice of a nude pink lipstick will give you light pink soft lips suitable for a pale skin.

Bright Pink Lips – How to Have Hot Pink Lips

Bright pink is flattering. It is almost impossible to have bright pink lips using home remedies. Most celebrities opt to use pink lip makeups to achieve hot pink lips. Your choice of lipstick should be very precise when you want to get bright pink lip color. However, consistent use of natural methods can also help achieve the hot pink lip you want with time.

Soft Pink Lips and Baby Pink Lips

How to get soft pink lips
Nude lip makeup can help.

Softening lips is very important if you want to have hot lips. Moisturize your lips everyday, massage them and apply a good lip balm. You can get soft pink lips that way, but when you want to make them bright and hot, you can use a shiny lip gloss. Baby pink lips are quite pale and can be done using makeup tips. You have seen celebrities such as Kesha (Ke$ha) rock baby pink cheeks and lips. You too can make your lips soft pink. Below are general guidelines to make your lips pink and soft.

Home Remedies for Pink Lips – How to Make Lips Pink Naturally

You can get natural pink lips by using simple home remedies. Whether you want to plump your lips and make them pink, or just to change them to be hot pink, follow the following natural lip care tips.

  • Always apply honey on your lips before going to bed. In the morning, use a soft brush to massage them to and clear the scaly layer resulting from dryness.
  • To get your lips soft, make a paste of cream and rose petals and apply on your lips everyday to make them soft and pink.
  • Mix honey, sugar and olive oil and apply to soften and make your lips pink naturally.
  • To fade dark lips, mix cold cream with sugar and scrub your lips with it. This is one of the best ways to exfoliate lips and give them a natural pink color and shine.
  • Learn how to get rid of lip wrinkles and lip lines by nourishing them with almond oil and lemon juice everyday. Do this consistently and you will notice your dark lips fading too.
  • Use the best lip balm, either homemade lip balm or even petroleum jelly to keep your lips moisturized. If you can apply lip makeup that has SPF, it will go a long way to help get them naturally.
  • Other home remedies for making lips pink include massaging lips with cucumber juice daily, raspberries and aloe vera, and beet root juice. Coriander juice, mint juice and carrot juice are all some of the best ways for getting lips soft pink naturally.

That’s it ladies on how to get soft natural lips. Use any of the tips on how to get pink soft lips naturally above and stick to it everyday. Before you know it, your dark lips will be gone.

Tips for Soft Lips

Follow these tips for pink cheeks and lips in order to remove lip wrinkles and speed up the process of having pink lips. People who have lips soft and pinkish have some habits, or avoid some things in order to protect their lips. Your lips need to be healthy in order to become pink. Here are great tips for pink cheeks and lips.Natural kissable pink lips

baby pink lips
baby soft lips
  • Check your diet in order to get baby soft lips at home. Avoid caffeinated drinks, and generally coffee and tea because they dehydrate your lips, making them dry, chapped and creased.
  • Exfoliate your lips regularly if you want to get soft pink lips. See some of the home remedies for making lips appear pink above for lip exfoliation suggestions.
  • An important tip for soft pink is to stop smoking. Smoking has been identified as a cause of wrinkles and may not cause lip lines but also eye wrinkles, dark eye circles and forehead wrinkles.
  • Always protect your lips with SPF. This is to prevent dark lips caused by UV sun rays. Apply a good sunscreen lip lotion on your lips to help make them hot pink. Check out some of the top rated lip sunscreens here.
  • Hydrate your lips always by applying lip moisturizers and also drinking a lot of water. This will help your efforts to make your lips soft and pink.
  • Avoid sleeping with lip makeup on, especially heavy lipsticks such as gold lipstick, dark blue lipsticks, coral and purple lipsticks. Some of the lipsticks contain lead and may not be healthy for your lips.Bright Pink Lips

Whether you want to use home remedies or makeup to get pink lips, it is important to be careful with your choice of lipsticks and remedies. Consistency will also be important in helping you get what you want here. Be consistent with your lip primers and glosses as well.

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