Thicker Fuller Hair Shampoo, Serum, Products & Conditioner Review

Which thicker full hair products are effective? Do you need to use thicker fuller hair shampoo and thicker fuller hair serum at the same time? Which of these thicker fuller hair products work?

Thicker hair is achievable through eating the right nutrients. Similarly, you can make your hair thick by using various home remedies for thicker hair. However, this method of eating the right nutrients and using homemade masks and pastes may take a long time to show improvement if any. Some people are impatient and that is understandable. They wish they could have thicker fuller hair instantly.

Thicker fuller hair is only possible if you are lucky enough to be born with many hair follicles on your head. Otherwise, not even shaving hair can make your hair grow thick. Some commercial products take up this challenge of thickening hair. However, they work on some people and not on others. It entirely depends on your hair type as well as how you use the products on your thin hair. In this article, I will give a review of a thicker fuller hair shampoo and provide other thicker fuller hair products including serums and conditioners.

Thicker Fuller Hair Shampoo with Reviews

Have you heard of any shampoo that can grow you thick and full hair? If you do your search online, you will undoubtedly come across the thicker fuller hair shampoo by Schwarzkopf. While it is hard to pronounce the manufacturer’s name, you cannot fail to grasp that it is a volumizing shampoo.

Although this brand stands out, it is not the only on in the category of best hair thickening shampoo for both men and women. Nevertheless, there are reasons as to why customers are raving about it online.  You will need to know these reasons and I will outline them shortly in this thicker fuller hair shampoo review so that you can make a stop to your nearest drugstore and make a purchase.

I bet you are ready to flaunt your voluminous luscious hair. Consequently, without further ado here is why thicker fuller hair shampoo is receiving so much credit online. This review is based on several stores online where customers who have used it have taken their time to leave feedback.

In all the sites, I visited, from Amazon, Total beauty, Folica and, the shampoo has received a rating of 4 stars. Is this rating by accident?  I do not think so. The customers who have cared to review the product on each site are also above 30 in number.

Apart from the high rating what is so good about the thicker fuller hair shampoo? If you visit the thicker fuller hair site, you will learn that the shampoo is formulated with caffeine energizers and Cell-U-Pex technology, a combined blend of pure plant extracts, which makes it rich in proteins and vitamins essential for making your hair thick.

I would like to highlight some of the natural ingredients if not all, so that you get the gist of what this moisturizing, nourishing and replenishing shampoo is made of. The components include:

  • Caffeine
  • Panthenol a B vitamin
  • Aloe leaf extract
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Eucalyptus leaf extract
  • Thyme
  • And citric acid among others

The goodness of this shampoo does not stop there, as it is also very affordable. With slightly over $4 you can buy from any various online stores. Go grab it and try it to thicken your limp hair.  These are some of the reviews on the Schwarzkopf brand, both positive and negative, as no one product is perfect for all.

“The only time you will be able to tell that your hair is thin is after you get out of the shower. The rest of the time your hair appears as if it isn’t thinning. Great Product.”

“I have tried it about a week. It’s a nice shampoo. I think I like the Toppik products
a bit better, though. Something called hair fattener is good to use – also with this shampoo.” (

Thicker Fuller Hair Serum

The advice you get on how to grow thick hair does not support making use of heat styling. However, when it comes to using serums, you have to use heat. Not too much as you think, but just a little to melt the serum. If you are looking for serum brands, again thicker fuller hair serum tops the list.

At least this can work alongside the shampoo so that you use the same natural ingredients on your hair even though differently. This serum requires that you apply it on damp hair after shampooing. You should make sure that all the strands get it from the roots all the way up to the tips.

After applying the thicker fuller hair serum, you should blow dry your hair. The blow drier should have low heat setting so that you do not damage the cuticles of your strands. . It is also important to learn how to straighten thick hair since the serum will give your limp hair the volume it so deserves.

On the other hand, if you have oily hair, you may find it easier to do without serum on your hair. Styling your hair without mousse can be a piece of work. However, here is a guide on how to scrunch hair without mousse.

If you go shopping for hair thickeners, do not forget the Schwarzkopf products of shampoo and serum, which by the way has an SPF. However, if you would rather use the shampoo with a different mousse, here is a list of other hair thickening brands:

  • Bumble and Bumble Full Form Mousse
  • Living Proof Thickening cream
  • Nutrasome
  • Phyto Pro Intense Volume Mousse

Thicker Fuller Hair Products That Work

Schwarzkopf thicker fuller hair products seem to be loved by many customers with thin or limp hair.  This is because they live up to their claims. All these products have good ratings and reviews from satisfied customers.

There are negative reviews as well. However, the negative reviews do not outnumber the positive ones. You can buy the whole range of Schwarzkopf thicker fuller hair products or choose what works best for your hair needs from the shampoo, conditioner, serum and sprays.

Other products that can give you full and thick hair include:

  • Pantene products
  • Redken
  • L’Oreal Paris
  • Desert Essence Organics Hair Care
  • Toppik
  • Bumble and Bumble
  • Charles Worthington among others

Putting No Weight on Limp Hair-Thicker Fuller Hair Conditioner

If you want a conditioner that will not add weight to you hair while keeping it hydrated, the thicker fuller hair conditioner by Schwarzkopf is also an excellent option. It also detangles hair while reducing breakage. You can also expect your hair to become fuller with this conditioner.

However, if you would rather a different brand, the following are good choices:

  • Desert Essence Organics Hair Care conditioner
  • Marc Anthony
  • Phylia Dem Conditioner

Thicker Fuller Hair Spray Two Options

A hairspray does a great job of holding your hairstyle in place. When it comes to thicker fuller hair spray, you have two to choices. You can settle either on the Thicker Fuller hair Root Lift and Bodifying Spray or the weightless volumizing hairspray.

These should be used after you have applied the serum and blow-dried your hair.  The sprays will also give your hair the shine to last it all day long.  Furthermore, you will not have to comb your hair to style it again during the day, as the hold from the sprays will be enough.

If none of the thicker fuller hair spray gives you enough volume, you could try:

  • Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier Thickening Spray
  • Tresseme Ther Creations Heat tamer Spray especially when you want to straighten or curl hair using a flat iron.

Thicker Fuller Hair Gel Vs Serum 

In the place of a serum, you can make use of the thicker fuller hair gel. The advantage of using gel is that it gives maximum hold to your hair. However, you should still use the volumizing spray after combing your hair with your fingers for best results.

You do not have to use heat on your hair after using the gel. It can dry effectively with simply air. A little heat on your blow drier can do no harm if you still prefer.

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